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Category: automation

Why I can’t get the text for this element

I am trying to test some search function in a webpage. and if no result return, the page shows text “no result“. I can see the text, but my test code can’t get the value. I tried document.querySelector(“div[class=’bold ng-binding’]”).text; document.querySelector(“div[class=’bold ng-binding’]”).innerHTML; document.querySelector(“div[class=’bold ng-binding’]”).value; Nothing works. it always returns “None”. The Element looks like this: <div ng-show=”expanded && !show” class=”bold ng-binding”>No Result</div> Source: AngularJS

Looking for a good tool to run Protractor automations automatically

as a QA man I build my automation using Protractor (a language that works on AngularJS). Right now to run the automation, I run it manually and do a simple “Run” threw the software. I’d like to start running the automation automatically – run it through the night for example, and by the morning – getting detailed reports. I read about some relevant tools, and right now the most appropriate tool I found is Jenkins. […]

Protractor can’t find value from a table

I have a table that displays search results, and it goes something like this: <table> <tbody _ngcontent-c4=””> <tr _ngcontent-c4=””> <td _ngcontent-c4=”” class=”owner”>company name</td> <td _ngcontent-c4=”” class=”name”> other name/a></td> <td _ngcontent-c4=”” class=”status”>kasutusel</td> <td _ngcontent-c4=”” class=”approval-status”>koosk├Álastamata</td> <td _ngcontent-c4=”” class=”topics”>value</td> <td _ngcontent-c4=”” class=”last-modified text-nowrap”>value</td> </tr> <tr _ngcontent-c4=””> <td _ngcontent-c4=”” class=”owner”>value</td> <td _ngcontent-c4=”” class=”name”></td> <td _ngcontent-c4=”” class=”name”></td> <td _ngcontent-c4=”” class=”status”>kasutusel</td> <td _ngcontent-c4=”” class=”approval-status”>some value/td> <td _ngcontent-c4=”” class=”topics”>some value</td> <td _ngcontent-c4=”” class=”last-modified text-nowrap”>table value</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> And I can’t […]

browser.wait() does not work when there is no spinner in ProtratorJs Test

I am facing very weird behaviour of browser.wait(). In my test website sometime Spinner appear and sometime it does not appear to handle this situation I am using browser.wait(). But when there is no spinner appears in the page in that condition my code is not working and throwing exception. Can you please help me to resolve this issue. How I can make sure that if there is no spinner execution will continue if there […]