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User login is not working properly in Angular?

I am trying to make a login process in Nodejs for my Angular site, when user login it send some data like – username, userid and token, so I am trying when user login and if Userid is not found the user should be logout automatic from the page/website. How should I approach to do […]

By archana
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Authenticate using Auth0 for Ionic native app capacitor

I am following the article: It only works to the point for showing the screen of sign in and sign up and when I click on Login again and I see a following console error Failed to launch ‘io.ionic.starter://’ because the scheme does not have a registered handler. Whenever I delete the user from […]

Pass API Key to angular post

I have a login endpoint that need to pass like this. The username and pwd as a formdata. auth.service.ts login(data: User) { var formData: any = new FormData(); formData.append("username", data.username); formData.append("pwd", data.pwd); let headers = new HttpHeaders().set(‘token’, ‘123456’); return, { headers: new HttpHeaders({‘token’: ‘123456’})},formData); } How I pass the authorization api key? I am […]

Angular – use API with HTTP Digest Auth

i want to create a web administratin Panel. for this I wrote a backend Controller that helps me delivering required Data… However there are some sensible Data and because of this reason I implemented HTTP Digest auth. If you visit the site in Browser you can simply enter your Username and Password in the Browser […]

By j54j6
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role based login in Angular

Roles are employee and admin. i have created api that is generating token now i want to add roles on login means if employee logged in he should be directed towards respective pages and admin should be directed towards respective pages. I have created separate table for roles now i want to know how the […]

By Malik Tahir
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Angular – Store MSAL AuthToken in session storage and RefreshToken in local storage

How can I configure MSAL to store the RefreshToken in localStorage and the AuthToken in sessionStorage? Any idea on this? Thanks in advance! Source: Angular Questions

By simpller
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Login Fails and showing the same error for giving wrong credentials and immediately after giving right credentials

In my login page I can Login by using either by giving coachId ,or by giving username and password in both ways I can able to login. But After attempting login using a non-existent CoachID, and then trying to login with an existing username and password, the login fails and provides the same error message […]

By User
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Biometric authentication with angular

Any proposal/recommendation for biometric angular library to be used for web app, please? Is it secure to be used as authentication service? I’am thinking to use finger print reader in additional to the classic auth method (username, pwd). Source: Angular Questions

By ab dev
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Angular Navbar change when Logged in

I have a navbar in my App component: app.component.html <div class="collapse navbar-collapse" id="navbarSupportedContent"> <ul class="navbar-nav me-auto mb-2 mb-lg-0"> <li class="nav-item"> <div *ngIf=" > 0 && > 0 ; else elseBlock"> <a class="nav-link" (click)="logout()">Logout {{ }}</a> </div> <ng-template #elseBlock> <a class="nav-link" routerLink="login">Login</a> </ng-template> </ul> </div> app.component.ts export class AppComponent implements OnInit { user: User […]

"Unsupported grant type" error when trying to get the acces_token from an API (Angular)

So I keep getting this Error every time i issue a HTTP POST request. I binded the HTTP Post request to a button for testing purposes but i’ll move it to a service after I’m done testing : const body = { "grant_type" : "password", "userName" : "test", "password" : "test" } return<any>( ‘’, […]

By just askin
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