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Auth0 is not defined. angular-auth0, angularjs

Package.json: “angular-auth0”: “3.0.0”, app.js import auth0 from ‘angular-auth0’; Error in console. angular-auth0.js?2d7e:152 Uncaught ReferenceError: auth0 is not defined angular-auth0.js: /***/ }), /* 2 */ /***/ (function(module, exports) { module.exports = auth0; /***/ }) /******/ ]); Using webpack. Any ideas? Source: AngularJS

Auth0 – Missing isAuthenticated; and authenticate()

I have an angular 1.6 application – i am trying to migrate an old version of auth0 v9 lock to v11. property: auth.IsAuthenticated function: auth.authenticate(); From what i can tell both the above property and function have been deprecated in the new version, but i was not able to find a replacement within the new lock v11 (lock) api or the migration guide. Can someone help me understand what these functions did(i have an idea) […]

Errors initiating Angular Authentication using JWTs and jwtInterceptor

Currently, I am running Angular 1.6.6. and Angular-jwt 0.1.9. I am following the examples from the file of Angular-jwt as well from the auth0 site here “How can I send the JWT on every request to the server?”. The two examples vary slightly. The angular-jwt docs uses jwtOptionsProvider and the auth0 example uses jwtInterceptorProvider in the .config section for the angular controller. When I run this code the browser console states: “Failed to instantiate […]