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Access windows Authenticated Web API through Angular 2 without login prompt

I have already developed front-end application in Angular2 and back-end in web APIs. I had used Windows authentication as enabled because I want to detect requesting user. Both applications are hosted in IIS server(Windows Server 2012). When I load angular app it load login prompt and when give correct user credentials data loading happen correctly. But I want to know a way to load them without login prompt, authenticate automatically. This is the way […]

How can I use bearer token authentication for accessing report server where report is opening in different tab?

Problem Statement I’m working on a SPA in which a user can see/view different reports in pdf, text and html etc. Since we are using authorization server and resource servers separately and each resource server has to request for user identity to the authorization server and then authorization server will provide a bearer token to access the resources. now each request must have a authorization header with bearer token to access the resources. In my […]

Angular Service not hitting the requried method in web api

I am working on project in which i want to add value in oracle database and get value from them.I am using angular 4 using VSCode and web api using Visual Studio 2015 for services. My angular code is working well but its not hitting the required Method in web api while calling Kindly guide me what i have to do . My angular service code is register(userInfo: any) { debugger; var url1 […]

Layered Architecture for MVC, WebAPI, Angular JS, EF [on hold]

I am new to ASP.NET MVC. Previously i worked with webform, the solution structure will be UI Layer, Service Layer, Business Layer, Data Access Layer. Now i am venturing into ASP.NET MVC, ANgular JS, WEBAPI to develop enterprise application So i need your help. Can you point me to Layered architecture in which i can use MVC5, WebAPI, Angular JS, EF. if there is proper document it will be very useful for my learning. Layers […]

Client method not firing from server SignalR

I am facing a strange issue. We have two different hosted application Backend (WebApi) and FrontEnd (Angular), I am trying to integrate signalr into both. When I am trying to call client message directly from server, its not working. but when i am invoking same server method from client then the client event also getting fired. Not Working | Direct From WebApi Controller _workOrderHubProxy?.OnScheduleMarkCompleted(123, “HELLOWORLD”, CustomerNumber); HUB public class WorkOrderHubContext : Hub<IWorkOrderHubContext>, IWorkOrderHubContextContract { public […]

AngularJs Dynamic Filter Based on Selected Column

I am an AngularJs beginner , I have a json object [ { “id”: 1, “name”: “”, “description”: “ Course”, “cost”: 3000, “areaId”: 1, “addedDate”: “2017-11-29T16:58:57.0751079”, “deleted”: false, “modifiedDate”: “2017-12-11T15:36:32.0780015”, “area”: { “id”: 1, “areaName”: “Programming”, “areaDescription”: “Software Development Courses”, “addedDate”: “2017-11-29T16:58:57.0744734”, “deleted”: false, “modifiedDate”: “2017-11-29T16:58:57.0746376” } }, { “id”: 2, “name”: “PHP”, “description”: “PHP Tutorial”, “cost”: 3000, “areaId”: 1, “addedDate”: “2017-11-29T16:58:57.0751088”, “deleted”: false, “modifiedDate”: “2017-12-14T12:41:06.8059371”, “area”: { “id”: 1, “areaName”: “Programming”, “areaDescription”: “Software Development […]

Pass two byte array to web api post method

I have two byte array in the angularjs application. I want to pass two byte array to api end point in the body as a post operation. function getPayload(byteArray1, byteArray2) { return { “byteArrayInfo1”: byteArray1, “byteArrayInfo2”: byteArray2 }; } var executePostRequest = function (command, byteArray1, byteArray2) { return $http({ method: ‘POST’, headers: { ‘Content-Type’: ‘application/octet-stream’ }, data: getPayload(byteArray1,byteArray2), url: env.endPointBasePath + command }); }; When i am debugging to dot net api end point, it […]

What is the best way to make Angularjs application as multilingual if using WEB api?

I have worked on the application that was multilingual. We made that application in ASP.Net MVC 5 and front end was in (jquery and javascript modular pattern). We implemented localization using resource files and in cshtml files, application showed according to current culture. Now I am working on an application which is in angularJs(1.5) and web API. I am searching for best practice to make angularjs app as multilingual. So far I found that […]

MSAL.JS version 0.1.3 single sign on

Related to MSAL.js While using MSAL.js for single sign on for azure active directory, we use loginredirect method from MSAL to redirect user, it redirect to ‘null’ URL. I don’t know why it happen but it come from MSAL library. We use idtoken (new Msal.IdToken(localStorage[“msal.idtoken”]);) method to decode token, when we use version 0.1.1 it works fine, when upgrade the version 0.1.3 it returns error “Msal.IdToken is not a constructor”. I can’t understand how to […]

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