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firefox quantum web console debug very unreliable

Trying to debug my angularjs project it seems like the web console debugger is all of a sudden unreliable. I have run into this before and removing firefox dev quantum and reinstall helps, but only for a time. But why do i have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling firefox dev quantum 60? Whether i check or uncheck “enable source maps”, SOMETIMES it stops at my debugger statements and SOMETIMES it dosn’t. SOMETIMES it stops at […]

Conditionally Render MVC bundles in a Angular bootstrapped MVC app

I have bootstrapped Angular with a ASP.NET MVC app. How do I conditionally load the MVC bundles based on what Angular view is getting rendered. Index.cshtml <!DOCTYPE html> <html ng-app=”maypp”> <body> <div class=”container”> @*HEADER*@ <div header></div> <div ui-view></div> @*FOOTER*@ <div footer></div> </div> @Scripts.Render(“~/bundles/bundle1”) @Scripts.Render(“~/bundles/bundle2”) </body> </html> I need to load bundle1 for Angular view 1 only. Other views need to include both bundle1 and bundle2. Thanks Source: AngularJS

how to convert datetime formate into date in mvc angularjs [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Correctly format ASP.NET MVC dates for AngularJS 4 answers i add data into database like this or.Date = DateTime.Now; or.Inches = item.Inches; or.note = not; or.paid = pad; or.ProductDes = item.ProductDes; or.ProductId = item.Id; or.ProductName = item.ProductName; or.ProductQty = item.ProductQty; or.ProductRate = item.ProductRate; or.SaleProduct = item.SaleProduct; db.orders.Add(or); db.SaveChanges(); date saved into database this form 08/06/2018 11:18:10 now i get all the data but date formate is not in […]

Calling MVC Action From ngBlur Event

I am trying to update a model property called State.TransactionProcessingIds.EventInstanceName from within a nb-blur directive by calling a controller’s action method in C#. The following is in my view: <md-input-container> <input name=”EventInstanceId” type=”text” ng-blur=”$‘/InternalDonations/Test’).success(function (data) { State.TransactionProcessingIds.EventInstanceName = data; });”> </md-input-container> and I have the following controller and action method: public class InternalDonationsController : Controller { public string Test() { return “test123”; } } The ngBlur event fires when the textbox loses focus, however when […]

how to all record from the Angularjs function?

Hello developers! i am new on angularjs i want to show the all record after refresh or load the page.. how to use this $scope.sessionlist again when page load $scope.addItem = function (Id) { $http.get(“/Show/addSngleItem/” + Id).then(function (response) { $scope.sessionlist =; console.log(JSON.stringify(; }) } table html data <table border=”1″ class=”table table-striped”> <thead> <tr> <th>CatagoryId</th> <th>Catagory Name</th> <th>Quantity</th> </tr> </thead> <tbody> <tr ng-repeat=”items in sessionlist”> <td>{{items.Id}}</td> <td>{{items.Name}}</td> <td><input type=”number” value=”{{items.Qty}}” /></td> </tr> </tbody> </table> Source: […]

jQuery Data Tables shows "No Data Available in Table" even if data exist and appearing in table [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Using Jquery Datatable with AngularJs 7 answers Spending hours searching for the problem I am facing I found some possible solutions like these 2 jQuery DataTables "No Data Available in Table" , jQuery DataTables “No Data Available in Table” and tabled folds when sorting but none solved my issue the problem is that when there is no data in my data table, It shows no data available in […]

Datatables not reloading in angularjs

I have a requirement where i have to add particular products to the datatables and rebind the datatable so its count is updated. I am using MVC and angularjs 1.6.2 I am creating the datatable as follows: <table id=”dtProducts” ng-if=”AllProducts” class=”table manage-user-table offer-mgt-table market-selection-tab” datatable=”ng” dt-options=”dataTableOpt”> <thead> <tr> <th><input type=’checkbox’ class=”selectAllMarket” value=’SelectAll’ ng-model=”selectAll” > </th> <th>Product Name</th> <th>Product Type</th> </tr> </thead> <tbody> <tr dt-rows ng-repeat=”product in AllProducts”> <td><input type=”checkbox” class=”selectMarket” ng-model=”product.selected” data-offerid=”{{product.ID}}” ng-click=”toggleSelect(product.selected, $index)”> </td> […]

ASp.NET MVC with Angular 5 project – Add environment config without angular-CLI.json file

I am building a new project in ASP.NET MVC integrated with the Angular 5 framework with the help of VS.NET 2017. I was following this article to implement the environment based configuration. I am new to angular framework. This article is saying to add some environment key-value pairs to the .angular-cli.json file. But my project does not have this file. Now my doubt is where do i place this below code logic :- { […]

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