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Using one formData to post to two table having foreign key

I’m learning Angular with ASP.NET and I have some problems. As I want to use one form in Angular to insert two SQL Server Tables using POST API from ASP.NET core. I have two Models created with EF code first on VS: public class Employee { [Key] public int EmployeeId { get; set; } [Column(TypeName […]

By t Nguy n
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Codeigniter 4 API with Angular : ‘http://localhost:4200’ has been blocked by CORS policy

Honestly, I’ve been struggling and trying every solution to overcome this issue caused by the Codeigniter API controller but unfortunately still not solved yet. So using angular and whenever I try to call this API: I got CORS Error on the console saying : Access to XMLHttpRequest at ‘’ from origin ‘http://localhost:4200’ has been […]

By Amine Faiz
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if you’d like to avoid registering this form control, indicate that it’s standalone in ngModelOptions [closed]

in fact I am a beginner in Angular and there I ran into this problem but I am lost I found this problem in many questions in StackOverflow but no luck. Please help me figure out what I’m doing wrong. The 1st part of the code: <div *ngIf=”p==0″> <mat-stepper orientation=”vertical” #stepper> <!–rubrique 1 –> <mat-step […]

By ben salah mariem
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integrate Dialogflow v2 with angular 11

i’m using dialogflow in application website but now stopped readonly toKen = environment.dialogFlow.chatbotAngular; readonly client = new ApiAiClient({accessToken : this.toKen}); conversation = new BehaviorSubject<Message[]>([]) constructor() { const botMessage = new Message(‘Bienvenue dans votre univers du chatbot,’ + ‘ puis-je vous aider ?’, ‘bot’,’./assets/media/Awb/chatbot.gif’,’botcolor’); this.update(botMessage); } playAudio() { let sound = new Audio(); sound.src = ‘./assets/media/to-the-point-568.ogg’; […]

By rymka
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IDX10503: Signature validation failed. Token does not have a kid

i have an issue while check the token, the scenario is: 1- Login and get the Token(EXP 20 min) & refresh_Token(EXP 30 min) and the creation of the token will be depends on the userID (system will pass this step). 2- Every 2 min the system will refresh the Tokens and in this step the […]

By Amer Qwaider
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Facing problem using both headers and mode no-cors in fetch api angular

I am using angular 10 in my code. I am using fetch to bring the api response . I have to use both headers and mode:no-cors in my code to bring response but when I am using no-cors mode in my request headers are not appending to my request though without no-cors mode headers work […]

By Shilpi Jaiswal
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Submit File to Django API from Angular

I am using Django as my API and trying to upload Pdf file from Angular I have used the HttpModule to post the file with the name, company, year and document I have tested the post url on Postman and it works link to the postman API showing the post request was successful When I […]

By Harshil Siyani
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Crystal reports returning 404 on api url after displaying some reports

I am using Crystal reports in my C# project with angular. Crystal reports works fine for few times and displaying properly but after displaying some reports it return this errors Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) API URL : `http://localhost/api/Reports/RptComplaintDetail` I am disposing and closing report […]

By Muzaffar
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Why am I getting error during post url using angular

ERROR on zone.js:2863 POST Here is the URL 400. file: import { HttpClient } from ‘@angular/common/http’; import { Injectable } from ‘@angular/core’; import { AuthResponce } from ‘./auth-inter-face/auth-responce’; import { config } from ‘./config’; @Injectable({ providedIn: ‘root’ }) export class AuthService { constructor(private http:HttpClient) { } signup(email:any,password:any){ return<AuthResponce>(‘’+ config.API_KEY,{ email:email, password:password, returnSecureToken:true […]

By Imran Shaik
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Disable sign-up in runtime (Angular + NestJS)

I’m developing a back-end (NestJS) and front-end (Angular) that, after the installation (no user in the database), it allows the adminitrator to sign up through the sign-up form. After the sign-up of the administrator, the application shall not allow other users to sign up, only by invitation from the administrator. I’m struggaling to figure out […]

By Gustavo Salom o
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