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Category: animation

Blur animation during variable change angularjs

Hello I’ve got an array $scope.items = [‘Informacje’, ‘Opis’, ‘Cena’, ‘Podsumowanie’ ]; And in view I am changing selected one by ng-click directive and displaying only selected one by ng-if directive. <div ng-if=”selected.item == ‘Informacje'”> Now I want to have a blur in/out quick animation when clicking button with ng-click directive which change selected.item. How can I achieve that? Source: AngularJS

Is there any way to show object deleting progress using angular animate?

I got an angular project and found very mysterious action on it. Added object is shown in 0.1s and deleted object disappear after 1s. I tried to find the reason why this happened and I have an idea that developers added an animation feature so that the deleted object is shown until the next second. Is is possible to make feature that shows deleting progress using angular animate? Source: AngularJS