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How to set dropdown values to null using ng-change angular js?

I have one dropdown lets say Drop-down A, based on option selected from that, new dropdowns will be populated. For example,on selection of option 1 from Drop-down A, 2 new dropdowns will be showed. similarly on selection of other options new dropdowns will be populated and other dropdowns will be removed. Now when I select options from newly populated dropdowns,I can get their value. Problem comes when I select option 1 from Drop-down A and […]

Angular + ng bootstrap modal not appearing

I am using ng bootstrap in my project. All I am stuck with doing is opening a modal. I read a similar thread but there, bootstrap css was not included. I am following this example. When I click the button to open the modal, modal gets appended in the DOM (visible when inspected using dev tool) but it is not visible on the screen. I have included bootstrap css in my .angular-cli.json as “styles”: [ […]

How to postpone angular expression evaluation after an asynchronous operation in Angular 1?

How do I postpone the evaluation of angular expressions in the HTML after an asynchronous operation? I need the translate function that only becomes defined after an AJAX call. Here is the code: angular.module(‘app’, []) .run([‘$rootScope’, ‘$http’, function($rootScope, $http) { $rootScope.locale = ‘en’; $http.get(‘/resources’).then(response => { let dictionary =; $ = (key, …args) => { let text = dictionary[$rootScope.locale][key]; args.forEach((value, index) => text = text.replace(`{${index}}`, value)); return text; }; }); } In the HTML, […]

Is it possible to use router.get after having been using ngRoute?

I’ve been using Angular’s ngRoute and .when for displaying the hmtl routes of my application. For this I have configured a main route: var appRoutes = require(‘./backend/routes/api’); I was trying to add another route this way but most of the html wasn’t displaying correctly, so I configured another main route: var questions = require(‘./backend/routes/questions’); in the file where I use Angular’s ngRoute with .when, I added a route for /questions but it doesn’t load it […]

high light latest file while uploading document and scroll bar should be move as per document

i am trying to achieve the functionality of move scroll bar as per new upload, when i am uploading any document at that time i am high lighting that document,suppose i have 20 document in my list then i am uploading 21th document that time scroll bar should move to that document means it should move as per new document,currently i am showing latest document through high lighting but scroll bar is not moving,if somebody […]

How can i bind value in element if i’m getting true or false ?

if I want to bind value in Html which is true or false. how can I display this value? Code: <li ng-if=”display”><a ng-click=”logout();” ><span class=”icon mail”> </span>Logout</a></li> <li ng-if=”!display”><a href=”#/login”><span class=”icon mail”> </span>Login/Signup</a></li> <li>{{$scope.display}}</li> // i want to print it here. display value is true or false how can I print it? is it possible? Source: AngularJS

Angularjs & Java Servlet: How do i retrieve object being pass from angular service to java servlet

Hi guys i am integrating an angularjs and java for the first time but i do have wide experience in angularjs. my question is how do i retrieve object being pass to a java servlet. i pass the data using angularjs service function validateUser(){ var defer = $q.defer(); $http.POST(‘api/user’, data) .then(function(response) { defer.resolve(response); }).catch(function(response) { defer.reject(response); }) return defer.promise; } and my java servlet API: @WebServlet(“/api/user”) public class UserController extends HttpServlet { private static final […]

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