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AngularJS White Listing YouTube URL For Iframe

App.js: (function() { var app = angular.module(“RandomAnimeApp”, []).config(function($sceDelegateProvider) { $sceDelegateProvider.resourceUrlWhitelist([ ‘self’, ‘*://**’ ]); }); }()); Controller: (function() { var app = angular.module(“RandomAnimeApp”); var ListController = function($scope, $http, $window, $timeout, $sce) { //stuff and things }; app.controller(“ListController”, [“$scope”, “$http”, “$window”, “$timeout”, “$sce”, ListController]) }()); View: <iframe itemprop=”trailer” src=”about:blank” data-ng-src=”{{ a.source }}?wmode=opaque&amp;showinfo=0&amp;autohide=1&amp;rel=0&amp;iv_load_policy=3&amp;enablejsapi=1″></iframe> Where a.source is equal to a YouTube video Id. No matter what I try, I keep getting the “Error: $interpolate:noconcat Multiple Expressions” error for the […]

Angularjs ng-style with interpolation expression

Angularjs v1.5.9 : ng-style (ngStyle) There’s a simple div with ng-style command in my directive template, and I use a interpolation expression to get different style at run time: <div class=”large-1 tile tile-plain” ng-style=”{‘background-image’: ‘url(assets/images/km-types/ico-{{iconMap[item.doctype]}}.png)’}”> </div> The directive as follow: .directive(‘knowledgeItemIcon’, function () { return { restrict: ‘E’, templateUrl: ‘templates/item-icon.html’, scope: { item: ‘=’ }, link: function (scope,element,attrs) { scope.iconMap = { ‘howto’: ‘pen’, ‘reference’: ‘settings’, //… }; } }; }); The iconMap is an […]

Could not resolve ‘dashboardsAdmin’ from state ”

Whenever I click on my Sumbit button it doesn’t move to next page as it should be. My motto is to get into the next page using $state.go(”) I have included all CDN files. I have included index.html ,controller.js as it sis shown below. What I am doing wrong so that it is not moving to next page and giving this error Complete Error :- angular.js:13236 Error: Could not resolve ‘dashboardsAdmin’ from state ” at […]

SignalR web api Bearer token authorization using factory method in angularjs javascript

I am newbiee to SignalR. I am have created a factory method in angular js to invoke method on server side. app.factory(‘TranSteam’, [‘$rootScope’, ‘AuthenticationService’, function ($rootScope, AuthenticationService) { ‘use strict’; var accesstoken = AuthenticationService.getTokenInfo().accessToken; var conn = $.hubConnection(‘http://localhost:1400’); var transHubProxy = conn.createHubProxy(‘TransactionHub’); conn.qs = { ‘token’: accesstoken }; return { on: function (eventName, callback) { transHubProxy.on(eventName, function (trans) { var args = arguments; $rootScope.$apply(function () { callback.apply(transHubProxy, args); }); }); conn.start({ withCredentials: false }).done(function () […]

Does setting html5Mode to true no longer make my website a single page application?

In AngularJS if you want to get rid of the ‘#’ in the url, you set html5Mode to true. But then this sends a request to the server for the page, no longer making it a single page application, is this correct? The way I can tell this is because when I comment out setting the html5Mode to true, the ‘#’ is in the url and my website works as a single page application. But […]

Angular ajax image not updating

So I have the following code: <body lang=”en-US” ng-app=”socket-server” ng-controller=”imageValidationController”> <div class=”image-panel”> <h1>Images Found:</h1> <div class=”image-list” ng-repeat=”image in images”> <p>Image size: {{image.size}}</p> <p>Width: {{image.width}}</p> <p>Height: {{image.height}}</p> <img class=”image” ng-src=”{{image.image}}”> </div> <p>Total images found: {{num_images}}</p> </div> and I have the following javascript: var app = angular.module(‘socket-server’, []); app.controller(‘imageValidationController’, function($scope, $http) { $http({ method: ‘POST’, data: ‘html=<html><body><img src=””></body>’, url: ‘/app/image-validation’, headers: {‘Content-Type’: ‘application/x-www-form-urlencoded’} }) .then(function(response) { $scope.images =; $scope.num_images =; }) }) /app/image-validation returns an […]

what does it mean "service in angular is stateless"

I am learning AngularJS. I was listening a tutorial about Angular and there teacher says “service in Angular is stateless”. I google it but couldn’t find the satisfactory answer. Please help me to understand this concept that how an angular service is stateless. The following code he wrote during his lecture. var app = angular.module(“myModule”, []) .controller(“myController”, function($scope)){ } app.factory(‘myService’, function(){ return { } }) I hope this explanation is enough to clear my question. […]

Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token due to span tag in return statement [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Creating multiline strings in JavaScript 33 answers When I click open first window link a popup opens. in that popup you will see a grid with two columns. in that first column i need to combine name and and icon. so i added span tag before a tag but its not working. can you guys tell me how to combine. providing code below. Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected […]

The server responded with a status of 400 (Bad Request) in angular Js with wcf service

I am consuming wcf Service in Angular Js Application. I am trying to creating user registration system using Angular Js by invoking Wcf Service. I got following error when I clicked save button in Angular Js Application … caught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < :52098/HalifaxIISService.svc/RegisterUser Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 (Bad Request) Registration.js:38 Some error Occured[object Object] Here is wcf service Method. [OperationContract] [WebInvoke(Method = “POST”, RequestFormat = WebMessageFormat.Json, […]

jQuery Import Error With CanvasJS

I am working on getting the commerical version of canvasJS graphs to display on an HTML page. The trial worked like a charm. When I transition to the commercial version I had these issues with jQuery (v1.12.0) loading it. To get the data to the canvasJS graph, I am using angular (v1.5.8) to send the data to the canvasJS graph (see below). Yet, when I load the graph, the browser give this error message: Error: […]

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