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ng-show not working with nested ng-repeat

This might seem like a repeated question but it isn’t. I am stuck on this for a while. Well this is my code. <li class=”nav-item nav-dropdown” ng-repeat=”menu in menus” ng-class=”{open: $state.includes(‘{{menu.mainurl}}’)}” ng-show=”{{menu.view}}”> <a class=”nav-link nav-dropdown-toggle” ng-class=”{active: $state.includes(‘{{menu.mainurl}}’)}” href=”#”><i class=”{{menu.icon}}”></i> {{}}</a> <ul class=”nav-dropdown-items”> <li class=”nav-item” ui-sref-active=”linkactive” ng-repeat=”submenu in menu.submenu” > <a class=”nav-link” ui-sref=”{{submenu.url}}” href=”” ng-show=”{{submenu.view}}”> {{}} List</a> </li> </ul> </li> and this is my json: $scope.menus= [ { name: ‘Organization’, mainurl: ‘app.organization’, icon: ‘icon-globe’, view: true, […]

ANGULARJS :How to send radio button value from controller to another?

I have two radio buttons redirecting to same application.jsp page but I just want to add/remove few fields on that application based on button that is clicked. For example- if btn 1 is clicked i want to see NAME and EMAIL fields on the application page but if btn2 is clicked I want to see DOB along with NAME, EMAIL Question: I want to store button value in controller so that I can use ng-show/ng-hide […]

AngularJS ng-click only working on second click

Attempting to collapse a dropdown menu (language selection), within a mobile bootstrap navbar. On first click, the dropdown menu with the languages opens fine, after changing languages the dropdown language menu closes, but when I attempt to change the language again, I have to double click the dropdown for it to open. Can anyone help me with this? <li class=”dropdown” dropdown style=”margin-top: 25%; left: 7.5%;”> <a href=”#” class=”dropdown-toggle” dropdown-toggle role=”button” ng-click=”visible = true”> {{}} <span […]

Hide parent block when child element is not present while searching in searchbox

How do I hide the parent element when a child element is not present while searching in the search box. Here is my code: <div class=”col-md-6″ ng-repeat=”round in displaymatch.allrounds> <h3>Round: {{}}</h3> <div ng-repeat=”teamname in round.matches | filter:namesearch”> <b>Match Date:</b> {{}} <a ng-href=”#!/15/{{}}/{{teamname.team1.code}}/{{teamname.team2.code}}”>{{}} <strong>V/S</strong> {{}}</a> </div> Normal searching of element is working but searching for the keywords which are not present should hide the main blocks(Rounds) also. Normal functionality: Here is where I’m facing the issue: […]

Performance about ng-show vs. ng-hide

Introduction:- Some people are only using ng-show instead of ng-hide=”!true” Or some peoples are using ng-hide instead of ng-show=”!true”. Technically we don’t need ng-hide directive. But! I know angular introduced ng-hide for standard coding structure. And please understand me, I am asking about the performance not difference. My Question:- So my question is what about the performance of this following scenarios? ng-hide=”true” vs. ng-show =”!true” ng-show=”true” vs. ng-hide=”!true”; Source: AngularJS