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How to assign variable and increment/decrement its value dynamically in limit filter?

how to How to assign variable and increment/decrement its value dynamically in limit filter? <div ng-repeat=”*”> <div ng-repeat=”item in list | limitTo:limit”> …content </div> <div ng-if=”list.item.size > 10″> <button ng-click=”incrementForEachItem(limit, false)”>load less</button> <button ng-click=”decrementForEachItem(limit, true)”>load more</button> </div> </div> I have some lists displaying in each repetition on different sections with a base limit of 10, buttons are conditionally appearing in sections having items more than the condition. Controller code is: $scope.limit = 10; $scope.incrementForEachItem = […]

ng-repeat showing wrong values in ionic 1

how to ng-repeat showing wrong values in ionic 1 <ion-item class=”item-icon-left item-icon-right item-avatar” ng-repeat=”note in taskDetails.notes track by note.note_id” ng-click=”viewNote(note)”> <i ng-show=”” class=”icon ion-ios-circle-outline”></i> <i ng-show=”!=Open”class=”icon ion-ios-checkmark-outline”></i> <h2>{{note.note}}</h2> <p>{{note.created_by}}</p> <i class=”icon ion-chevron-right icon-accessory”></i> </ion-item> Task Object {“task_date_id”:69069,”task_id”:”3286″,”start_time”:”2018-02-22 12:10:00″,”end_time”:”2018-02-22 12:10:00″,”overdue_days”:0,”subject”:”Oneone”,”description”:”One”,”status”:{“id”:3,”name”:”Pending”,”enabled”:null,”complete”:null},”statuses”:[{“id”:3,”name”:”Pending”},{“id”:6,”name”:”Assigned”},{“id”:4,”name”:”Closed”},{“id”:17,”name”:”Complete”}],”type”:{“id”:229,”name”:”200_Test_Mobile_Task”},”assigned_to”:”Kanishka Raveendra”,”address”:””,”clients”:[],”attachments”:[],”notes”:[],”$$hashKey”:”object:8112″} Note Object {“note_id”:”98834″,”note_date”:”22/02/2018″,”note_type”:”ABC14″,”time_spent”:0,”note”:”Xyxhxffufn {$PERSON_FIRST_NAME} {$PERSON_SURNAME} “,”created_by”:”Kanishka Raveendra”,”date_created”:””,”attachments”:[],”template”:” {$PERSON_FIRST_NAME} {$PERSON_SURNAME} “,”type”:{“id”:52,”name”:”ABC14″,”enabled”:true,”record_time”:”start_stop”}} here I added source code and response of Task and Note which I used to show the data.Normally one task can have a number of […]

Angularjs editable drop down in ng-repeat

how to Angularjs editable drop down in ng-repeat I have a table made out of div tags with an ng-repeat to populate the divs from an array. I want to be able to make one of the div options an editable dropdown where the default option is a value stored from the array and the rest of the elements are loaded from another array. When a user selects an element from the drop down, the […]

Setting ng-model within ng-repeat using ng-change function

how to Setting ng-model within ng-repeat using ng-change function How do I set a result in a ng-model that is inside an ng-repeat? Example containing ng-repeat: <tbody ng-repeat=”(key,boleta) in boletas track by $index”> <tr> <td> <label for=””>NUMBER </label> <select name=’bills[{{key}}][number]’ class=”form-control” ng-change=’changeBoletas()’ ng-model=’model.numberBoleta’> <option ng-repeat=”(number, x) in model.boletas”>{{number}}</option> </select> </td> <td> <label for=””>ComisiĆ³n </label> <input name=’bills[{{key}}][runt]’ type=”number” class=”form-control comision-{{key}}” ng-model=’boleta[$index].comision’ ng-change=’dataBoleta()’> <td> <div ng-show=’true’ ng-if=”status==’applied'” data-ng-click=”removeItemBoletas($index)”> <i class=”fa fa-times color3″></i> </div> </td> </tr> </tbody> JS: […]

Passing data to a function inside an ng-repeat with orderBy

how to Passing data to a function inside an ng-repeat with orderBy I have an issue that I can’t seem to figure out to do with ng-repeat and orderBy. I have searched around as best I could and haven’t found anything specific on this topic. I have an ng-repeat on a tbody and inside that I have two tr tags. The first one just populates each row of the table with each item of the […]

ng-repeat duplicated on item change

I have an angular application with sets of array items “array_var”. When I push new sets of array to array_var, I noticed that the ng-repeat in my html creates a duplicate ng-repeat. everytime I push new array to the array_var there is also another duplicate ng-repeat created. Sample ng-repeat: <div ng-repeat=”d in icons track by $index” class=”icons-holder”> <div class=”col-lg-12 col-md-12 col-sm-12 sub-category text-center” ng-hide=” == icons[$index-1].date”> <div class=”searchTag-holder pad-left-25 pad-right-25 d-inline-b”> <ul> <li class=”searchTag”> {! […]

how can i reverse an object track by $index in angularjs

I have a json { “data”: { “cols”: [“1805”, “1806”, “1807”, “1808”, “1809”, “1810”, “1811”], “id”: “39”, “pid”: “236”, “rows1”: [“1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, “5”], “rows2”: [“147”, “148”, “149”, “150”, “151”], “uid”: “2”, “lid”: “1”, “val”: { “misc_vals”: [ [“TAssets”, “0.000”, “0.000”, “0.000”, “0.000”, “0.000”, “0.000”, “0.000”], [“DAssets”, “0.000”, “0.000”, “0.000”, “0.000”, “0.000”, “0.000”, “0.000”], [“MAssets”, “0.000”, “0.000”, “0.000”, “0.000”, “0.000”, “0.000”, “0.000”], [“OAssets”, “0.000”, “0.000”, “0.000”, “0.000”, “0.000”, “0.000”, “0.000”], [“LAssets”, “0.000”, “0.000”, “0.000”, […]

I want to embed video on my page by fetching the trailer link from JSON data

JSON data: { “title”: “House of Cards”, “poster”: “img/hoc1.jpg”, “imdbID”: “tt1856010”, “trailer”: “NTzycsqxYJ0” }, { “title”: “Master of None”, “poster”: “img/mon1”, “imdbID”: “tt4635276”, “trailer”: “6bFvb3WKISk” } and I have to fetch “trailer”: “6bFvb3WKISk” link from JSON into my iframe link <iframe src={`{{}}?rel=0&amp;controls=0&amp;showinfo=0`} frameBorder=”0″ allowFullScreen title={{}} /> by using ng-repeat directive Please help me out Source: AngularJS

Using ng-repeat with md-optgroup / md-option

I am kinda stuck as to one small part… I have an object which looks something like this: { FirstKey: [“Element-1”, “Element-2”, “Element-3”], SecondKey: [“Element-1”, “Element-2”, “Whatever”], ThirdKey: [“Some Element”, “Element-1”, “Another Element”] } My question is this – when setting up an md-select, I am using the key values as the md-optgroup, and then using ng-repeat for the ‘md-option` values, which are the array values for the corresponding keys. Right now, each of the […]

AngularJS ng-repeat body does not substitute $index in md-button ng-click attribute

I have the following template defined: <div ng-app=”WebApp” ng-controller=”PortfolioCtrl” ng-cloak layout=”row” layout-align=”center center” style=”margin-top: 10px”> <md-content layout=”row” layout-wrap style=”width: 580px”> <div flex-xs flex-gt-xs=”50″ layout=”row” ng-repeat=”property in portfolio track by property.uuid”> <md-card md-theme=”default” md-theme-watch=”” style=”width: 280px”> <md-card-title> <md-card-title-text> <span class=”md-headline”>{{property.yield}}%</span> <span class=”md-subhead”>{{property.address[0]}}</span> <span ng-if=”property.address.length > 1″ class=”md-subhead”>{{property.address[1]}}</span> <span ng-if=”property.address.length > 2″ class=”md-subhead”>{{property.address[2]}}</span> </md-card-title-text> <md-card-title-media> <!– <div ng-if=” > 0″ class=”md-media-sm card-media”> <img src=”{{[0]}}” style=”width: 75px; height: 85px” /> </div> –> </md-card-title-media> </md-card-title> <div style=”display: none”>{{$index}}</div> <div […]

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