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Setting ng-model within ng-repeat using ng-change function

how to Setting ng-model within ng-repeat using ng-change function How do I set a result in a ng-model that is inside an ng-repeat? Example containing ng-repeat: <tbody ng-repeat=”(key,boleta) in boletas track by $index”> <tr> <td> <label for=””>NUMBER </label> <select name=’bills[{{key}}][number]’ class=”form-control” ng-change=’changeBoletas()’ ng-model=’model.numberBoleta’> <option ng-repeat=”(number, x) in model.boletas”>{{number}}</option> </select> </td> <td> <label for=””>ComisiĆ³n </label> <input name=’bills[{{key}}][runt]’ type=”number” class=”form-control comision-{{key}}” ng-model=’boleta[$index].comision’ ng-change=’dataBoleta()’> <td> <div ng-show=’true’ ng-if=”status==’applied'” data-ng-click=”removeItemBoletas($index)”> <i class=”fa fa-times color3″></i> </div> </td> </tr> </tbody> JS: […]

unable to trigger ng-change in android webview

I have given a simple text box and an change event updates a table below the text box. It works absolutely fine in the browser. But when I call this page in android webview, ng-change doesn’t trigger. Android version 4.2.2. Chrome in the android device is of version 38.0 <input type=”text” id=”barcode” name=”barcode” ng-model=”thisBarcode” ng-model-options=”{ updateOn: ‘change’ }” placeholder=”Scan Barcode Here” autofocus ng-change=”addProductToCart(this.thisBarcode)”> Source: AngularJS

Calling functions by ng-change event based on particular condition angular js

I have two dropdowns 1.FamilyDropdown 2.Class Dropdown. First both are populating different item list at time of page load. I have created a table where that two dropdowns are connected by their respective Ids. Problem: 1. I am doing both side dependent dropdown means if i change family dropdown first then class dropdown will populate respective items. If i change Class dropdown first then Family dropdown will populate respective items. i have tried two different […]

Angular 1.5 ng-change on select element in component triggering previous response

I’m just starting to play with components in Angular 1.5.x and have created one for a select box on a form – I pass in the field, list and label to the component and it creates the form ‘part’ consisting of the label and select box with the correct options – so far, so good. Now I want to implement an ng-change on the select so I am passing in the function I want to […]

Angularjs: Facing issue with ng-change and ng-iterate

Problem Description: Whenever I try to select elective from dropdown1, the same subject code & subject credit gets populated for 2nd elective as well. Whenever I try to select the last value of dropdown, the subjecty code & subject credit remains unchanged (i.e., previous value is displayed). I have browsed the stack overflow on posts related to this scenario. But, I couldn’t find solution as this scenario is very specific. That’s the reason, why I’m […]