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My <svg> tag is not getting rendered in DOM using *ngFor in Angular

I want to change the icon color on hover I cannot do it with adding icon as image I can do it by using svg tag with svg:hover{fill: red;} in css but my svg tag is not rendering in dom using *ngFor loop I caanot render <path d="{{element.path}}" /> s some svg’s have multiple path […]

By rohan
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Typeahead field is not displaying non-english characters in Angular JS

I am using typeahead field in angular js which is displaying data consumed from a web-service. The non-english character ‘ô’ is not being displayed correctly in UI. It is being displayed as ‘?’. How can I enable the typeahead to display non-english characters correctly. Source: AngularJS Questions

HTML ng-controller (dropdown menu) working locally and on JSFiddle but not on Google Sites

My HTML website with ng-app is working locally and on certain coding websites like JSFiddle and CodePen, but not on Google Sites, Github, W3, etc. The intention is that you can choose a language (selected) from the dropdown menu in the script portion, and a corresponding paragraph will appear based off the selection (selected[‘paragraph’]). However, […]

By aster
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round off the amount if checkbox is checked

if the checkbox is checked the total amount should be roundoff. if the checkbox is unchecked the total value in decimals in angular js tell me from starting, I didn’t start $scope.checked=? Source: AngularJS Questions

SortPipe passing parameter

import { Pipe, PipeTransform } from ‘@angular/core’; import { courses } from ‘../interface/courses’; @Pipe({ name: ‘sort’ }) export class SortPipe implements PipeTransform { transform(value: Array<courses>, args: any[]): Array<courses> { const sortField = args[0]; const sortDirection = args[1]; let multiplier = 1; if (sortDirection === ‘desc’) { multiplier = -1; } value.sort((a: any, b: any) => […]

We have an angular application, and we need to read/view the .swf files

We have an angular application, and we need to read/view the .swf files . We however could not find any player/mechanism to show that in our applications Any help will be greatly appreciated . Thanks in advance. Source: Angular Material Quesions

Angular NgFor Path Issue

In my Angular Application i have a simple ngFor loop showing logo images like this: <div *ngFor="let item of list" class="logo-wrapper"> <div class="customer-logo"> <span class="my-icon" aria-label="My icon" [inlineSVG]="’./assets/image/projects/logo/’ + item.logo" ></span> </div> </div> This is working fine! But: If i try to slice the Array to limit the output as follow: <div *ngFor="let item of […]

AngularJS : prevent location change on back button or move cursor

Want to prevent from reload or move back to history urls stop back button from browser on particular component Note : only for angularJS not Angular(2..12) Source: AngularJS Questions

By Vivek Chaudhari
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How to transfer selected data from a table to a new table (angular js)

I have data in the table (users) that you can select. You need to display the selected data in another table, ie the users I selected. Here’s a feature that opens a modal window and then remembers where we clicked (who we chose). modalForAssign.result.then(function (selectedContacts) { var callContacts =, function (accountUser) { return accountUser.Id; […]

How to validate fields in sub component when we try to change the Tab with route?

need your help, I researched but have not found any relevant solution. I have one shared component which is having this code, which I’m using for tab navigation through routes. <a mat-tab-link #tablink *ngFor="let link of navLinks; let i = index" [routerLink]="" routerLinkActive #rla="routerLinkActive" [active]="rla.isActive" [ngClass]="{‘invalid’: link.inValid}"> {{link.label}} </a> </nav> <div class="zin-tab-body content"> <router-outlet></router-outlet> </div> […]

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