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creating hybrid application using angular js and angular 5

I am planning to create new features in angular 5 and then integrate them in my already created angular js application using the concept of hybrid application in angular. I am willing to save my effort in migrating the js application to angular 5. So, wanted to know the pros and cons of this approach in term of eficiency and is it okay to host an application in hybrid state. Source: AngularJS

TypeError: sportsRecord.find is not a function

updated answer1: hi, I update the question with records and console sportsRecord = { playerTigers:[ {TigerNo: 237, TigerName: “Bird Bay Area”, TigerkGroupNo: 1, isDefault: true, futureAccessDays: “”}, {TigerkNo: 238, TigerName: “Bird California”, TigerkGroupNo: 1, futureAccessDays: “”}, {TigerkNo: 239, TigerName: “Bird Washington”, TigerkGroupNo: 1, futureAccessDays: “”}, {TigerNo: 240, TigerName: “Bird Philadelphia”, TigerkGroupNo: 1, futureAccessDays: “”}, {TigerNo: 241, TigerName: “TCN”, TigerkGroupNo: 1, futureAccessDays: “”}, {TigerNo: 242, TigerName: “Bird Chicago”, TigerkGroupNo: 1, futureAccessDays: “”}, {TigerNo: 243, TigerName: “Bird […]

Can I use Angular2 framework on tizen TV?

We are planning to revamp our code structure in terms of optimization in Tizen TV. We have identified below approaches to be implemented. Current implementation is with Angular1 and with ng-routing approach. UI routing is better approach here and can be used as per our understanding. Angular2 is component based and has more features.Please suggest if we can use this for Tizen tv. If this can be used , please suggest us any sample application […]

Facing issue while using angular 2 routing

After successful login, along with dashboard page my login page is also displyed on the same page I want after successful login only dashboard page should be displayed Here is my login component.ts …. export class LoginComponent { uName: string; password: any; router: any; constructor(private _router: Router) { this.router = _router; } checkCredentials() { if (this.uName === ‘root’ && this.password === ‘admin’) { this.router.navigate([‘/dashboard’]); } } } My Appmodule.ts import { NgModule } from ‘@angular/core’; […]

scroll to a section and highlight the menu

Hi everyone I’m working on angular 2 and i was trying to do method which is, when I scroll the body and I get to section 1 it should highlight the menu bar, so on. please can anyone help me with this, thank you addEventScrolling(){ document.getElementById(‘manufact’).onscroll = () => { } } <nav> <ng-container *ngIf=”manufact”> <ng-container *ngFor=”let key of Object.keys(manufact); let i = index”> <li>car</li> <li>bike</li> <li>van</li> <li>trank</li> <li>boat</li> </ng-container> </ng-container> <br> <div class=”car” id=”sect1″>simply […]

I am getting an error : bootstrap.min.css not found (404 ). This error is coming for all the css and fonts

When I am starting my project it is giving me error 404 for all the CSS and Fonts in projects.I have given CSS and fonts link in index.html and I have tried in angular-cli.json also but it’s not working. index.html : <!– Stylesheets –> <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”../src/css/bootstrap.min.css”> <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”../src/css/bootstrap-datepicker.min.css”> <!–<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”../src/css/star-rating.min.css” /> <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”../src/css/slicknav.css”>–> <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”../src/css/superfish.css”> <!–<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”../src/css/animate.css”> <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”../src/css/jquery.bxslider.css”> <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”../src/css/hover.css”> <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”../src/css/magnific-popup.css”> <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”../src/css/owl.carousel.min.css” […]

router.navigate not working properly with guards

I have 2 routes in my app: ‘/auth’, with the guard IsNotLoggedIn. ‘/main’, with the guard IsLoggedIn. inside ‘/auth’ i have 2 child routes: 1. ‘landing’ – a page that has a button that leads to the login page. 2. ‘login’ – a simple login page inside ‘/main’ i have 1 child route: 1. ‘home’ – my home page. In my root route ‘/’ I redirect to ‘/auth’, there the IsNotLoggedIn guard checks if the […]

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