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Angular 12 Project is attempting to disable the Ivy compiler

I updated angular 10 to 12 and now when i try to build it this warning is being displayed: Project is attempting to disable the Ivy compiler. Angular versions 12 and higher do not support the deprecated View Engine compiler for applications. The Ivy compiler will be used to build this project. Project is attempting […]

By Behnam Aminazad
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Angular, the newly added item can only be deleted after refresh

I’m working on an Angular 12 project, and I’m storing the data using JSON-server. The CRUD operations are working fine. But when I add a new item, using the form, the delete and update buttons won’t work, unless I refresh the page. This the error I get in the console , after I click on […]

Angular 12 custom validator

I have the following <div> <label for="confirmpassword">Confirm password</label> <input class="validation form-styling" type="password" formControlName="confirmpassword" placeholder="" autocomplete="new-password" required/> <div class="validation" *ngIf="this.newCustomerForm.get(‘confirmpassword’).errors && (this.newCustomerForm.get(‘confirmpassword’).dirty || this.newCustomerForm.get(‘confirmpassword’).touched)"> <div [hidden]="this.newCustomerForm.get(‘confirmpassword’).errors.passwordMatch"> Passwords don’t match </div> </div> </div> In my component’s class, I have the following this.newCustomerForm ={ ‘fullname’:new FormControl(this.customer.Fullname,[Validators.required]), ’email’:new FormControl(this.customer.Email,[Validators.required]), ‘username’:new FormControl(this.customer.Username,[Validators.required]), ‘password’:new FormControl(this.customer.Password,[Validators.required,Validators.maxLength(20),Validators.minLength(8),Validators.pattern(‘W*’)]), ‘confirmpassword’:new FormControl(this.customer.ConfirmPassword,[Validators.required,this.validatePasswordConfirmation]) }); this.loginForm = […]

By Nesan Mano
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How to implement routing in angular schematics provided by angular material in angular 12?

I am using angular material in my angular project. I have used navigation and dashboard schematic to design the responsive dashboard. Whenever I am clicking on the home and about, side bar is getting disappeared. I am unable to understand why is it happening. Please help me to understand the route cause of the issue […]

Angular issue in method passing parameter in method but no error in const

Below I have 2 versions of the same method the first works but the second (which is the way I want to get in working). My issue is… Why does this work: <button (click)="test()">The Test</button> test() { const test2 = ‘layer1’; this[test2] = [5, 5, 5, 1, 7]; this.chartOptions.series = [ { type: ‘column’, data: […]

By deszok
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Create an angular library which can be consumed by lower versions of angular project

I have some common components in my angular 12 application which I am planning to create as an angular library so that other applications can also use it. We have some applications running on lower version of angular (e.g. angular 8 / angular 10) which will also use this common library. I already created library […]

CSP error after reinstalling NodeJS, chrome and Visual Studio Code

I just reinstall windows and I reinstalled NodeJS, Chrome and Visual Studio Code. I pull my code and install all the node packages. I launched the command npm install and After that, I started my project with npm start And it all worked fine. I don’t have error in my terminal and it says compiled […]

Angular update from 10 to 12 ssr issue

I did upgrade Angular version from 10 to 11 and then from 11 to 12 from Angular documentation on advanced app complexity everything works fine but when i tried to build project with Angular universal I’m experiencing error below : ./server.ts – Error: Module build failed (from ./node_modules/@ngtools/webpack/src/ivy/index.js): Error: /Users/bobvv/kl-front/server.ts is missing from the TypeScript […]

By Behnam Aminazad
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How to fix Bulk error in INDEX DB using ANGULAR [closed]

After API call I got this BULK error using angular Source: Angular Questions

angular 12 custom pipe by fetch data throw service and return string instead of number

Hi Every Mind I have this problem import { Pipe, PipeTransform } from ‘@angular/core’; import { PrintingTypesService } from ‘src/app/settings/services/printing-types/printing-types.service’; import { PrintingTypesModel } from ‘src/app/settings/share/printing-types.model’; @Pipe({ name: ‘printingTypesPipe’, }) export class PrintingTypesPipePipe implements PipeTransform { public printingTypesData: PrintingTypesModel[] = []; name: any; constructor(private printingTypesService: PrintingTypesService) {} transform(value: string): any { this.printingTypesService.fetchPrintingTypes().subscribe((data) => { this.printingTypesData […]

By Asim Al-Bakali
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