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Add href inside material tooltip

I have material info icon which has a tooltip. How to add link in a tooltip? <i matTooltip=’Make Changes<a href=””>here</>’ matTooltipClass=”tooltipFont” matTooltipPosition=”above” class=”fa fa-pencil” aria-hidden=”true” style=”float:right;margin-right: 8%”></i> So the tooltip looks like below Make Changes here Source: New feed Source Url Add href inside material tooltip

By sam
Categorized as angular, angular-material, npm, tooltip

angular material dialog mat-dialog-actions position

I’m using Angular Material Dialog component, with mat-dialog-content and mat-dialog-actions to display a footer with action buttons. If I set a height of the dialog (e.g 80%), the dialog-actions is weirdly higher than the default. Here is a forked stackblitz of an official example I just set height: 80% const dialogRef =, { height: […]

By user2010955
Categorized as angular, angular-components, angular-material, modal-dialog

Effect without corresponding reducer?

I have a form that needs to persist some data. I don’t need to save the data in the store. Is it a good approach to write – an action to trigger – an effect – no reducer, no selector, no state properties? It seems a valid approach to me but I never saw it […]

By TheAnonymousModeIT
Categorized as angular, ngrx

How to use high charts donut charts in Angular

I would like to develop highcharts donut charts similar to attached image : I have gone through multiple links but I can’t find a clear solution. Can someone help me ? Source: New feed Source Url How to use high charts donut charts in Angular

By Jennie Wilson
Categorized as angular, donut-chart, highcharts, html

getting "SyntaxError: Unexpected token {" in my-date-picker in angular ssr when running "ts-node:server"

getting “SyntaxError: Unexpected token {” in my-date-picker in angular ssr when running “ts-node:server”. “@angular/animations”: “^8.2.7”, “@angular/cdk”: “^8.2.1”, “@angular/cli”: “^8.3.5”, “@angular/common”: “^8.2.7”, “@angular/compiler”: “^8.2.7”, “@angular/core”: “^8.2.7”, “mydatepicker”: “^2.6.6”, “compile:server”: “webpack –config webpack.server.config.js –progress –colors”, “serve:ssr”: “node dist/server”, “build:ssr”: “npm run build:client-and-server-bundles && npm run webpack:server”, “build:client-and-server-bundles”: “ng build –prod && ng run ng2-admin:server”, “webpack:server”: “webpack –config […]

By abhinav
Categorized as angular, ssr, universal

Angular application not detecting modification from json files

I have an angular application that contains 2 json files for translation (english and french ). Well until a week ago everything work perfectly but this last 3 days ng serve no longer detect modification from json files. But the application is detecting old translations. Is it maybe a vs code or angular cli or […]

By zarzou
Categorized as angular, json, visual-studio-code

i need to add matTooltip in mat-tab without icon angular 8 and angular material is used

Is there any way to add tooltip without icon in mat-tab? I am trying to implement a tooltip in angular material mat-tab but the tooltip is not working without mat-icon Below is the code : <mat-tab label=”Application Request” matTooltip=”Info about the action” > Source: New feed Source Url i need to add matTooltip in mat-tab […]

By abid Hussain
Categorized as angular

why custom events do not need to be used with"

I’m new to Angular, just a question on custom events. For normal event binding, we have the following code below: <input class=”form-control” (input)=”selectedProduct=$” /> but for custom bindings, I saw code like this: <tr *ngFor=”…” [pa-attr]=”getProducts().length < 6 ? ‘bg-success’ : ‘bg-warning'” (pa-category)=”newProduct.category=$event”> so why it is not : <tr … (pa-category)=”newProduct.category=$”> Source: New feed […]

By amjad
Categorized as angular, javascript, typescript

what does ‘$’ prefix in the event [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: What exactly $event object do in Angular 2? 2 answers I’m new to Angular, just a question on $event. what does $ prefix mean?is $event a special keyword that ‘s why I couldn’t use sth else like $somethingElse? I’m from Java/C# background, could anyone name an equivalent thing […]

By secondimage
Categorized as angular, javascript

Highlighting the selected item from list in angular

I have an array of items which are retrieved from the database. This list changes constantly hence the list displayed on the html changes dynamically. I wish to highlight only the selected item from the list but the entire list is being highlighted upon selection. The following is the HTML code in angular 2 <div […]

By Akhilesh Pothuri
Categorized as angular, html, list
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