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Cannot read property ‘ACCEPTED’ of undefined at Component

i declared a const export class FriendRequest { constructor(){ } } export const FRIEND_REQUEST_STATUSES = { ACCEPTED : "acc", WAITING :"wait", DECLINED : "dec" }; i imported and called this const in a component component.ts import { FriendRequest,FRIEND_REQUEST_STATUSES} from ‘./../../models/friend-request’; component.html <ion-button (click)=’updateFriendRequestStatus(,FRIEND_REQUEST_STATUSES.ACCEPTED)’> error : ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property ‘ACCEPTED’ of undefined at FriendRequestsModalComponent_ion_item_10_Template_ion_button_click_7_listener […]

By yassine gharsallah
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How to handle nested array response form API in angular

How to handle following API response in Angular. { key: "some_value", testData: Array(3)} Source: Angular Questions

By Yogesh Nikam
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How to save checkbox value as string with Formly?

I am currently using Formly to generate checkboxes. When a checkbox is ticked, the value is saved as true but I need it to be as a string like this "true". I also use a JSON to generate the checkboxes which makes it harder to manipulate the HTML values. See this example: Is there […]

By avdeveloper
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PostMessage to iframe component fails when using contentWindow in Angular/Spartacus

I want to send a postMessage from my angular component in Spartacus to an embedded iframe. Using Angular, I have created a static page in Spartacus which renders an iFrame. The iFrame points to a url which listens for the event to be sent from the Angular/Spartacus component. However using contentWindow on the iframe isn’t […]

Angular routing not working when trying to open an URL with query parameters in it in a new tab

What do I wanna do? I want to implement a button which opens a URL in a new Tab. The URL contains a query parameter consisting of numbers taken out of the "displayData" object. Description of the problem: I have a route which is defined like this in the app.routes.ts: { path: ‘displays/:displayIds’, loadChildren: () […]

By Ivxn18
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Implementing bluetooth device connection in an Angular project

Im trying to implement the possibility to find and connect to bluetooth devices in my Angular project (v12.1.0) so i’m trying to install @manekinekko/angular-web-bluetooth. But i’m getting the following error: Screenshot of the error To me it seems that this package is not compatible with my angular version. But is there a fix to this? […]

By ebarooni
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Hide field based on Dropdown Value (Angular)

Hope someone can assist a new Angular user. I am trying to Hide engineNumber Field when I select a specific value from VehicleType dropdown field. perhaps someone has a good trick. I have tried a few ways but I could not succeed, maybe a set of fresh eyes could help. I have tried going through […]

By Jp Heydenrichd
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ERROR in error TS2534: A function returning ‘never’ cannot have a reachable end point

I am migrating an angular project from version 5.2 to 11. Successfully converted to version 6. But 6 to 7 migration I am getting an error like this ERROR in error TS2534: A function returning ‘never’ cannot have a reachable end point. Tried to migrate to version 8 but this error is there also. The […]

By Dayal Dev
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Handling of a blockchain asynchronous operation in Ngrx

I am calling an angular service which implements an Ethereum send operation (a blockchain write) through Ngrx’s effect. The result of this send operation returns a transaction hash (a combined promise eventemitter) through which I can subscribe to in order to receive the actual data of my send operation. I am wondering what is a […]

styles.css – Error: (0 , _identifier.getUndoPath) is not a function

I am trying to setup an Angular app using Nx CLI. I have used the command npx create-nx-workspace –preset=angular A workspace gets created. When I run that using npx nx serve –port 4300 I end up getting an error in my cmd styles.css – Error: (0 , _identifier.getUndoPath) is not a function Does anybody know […]

By node modules
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