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autocomplete using abp and angular

I have this api in abp project public async Task<ListResultDto<CustomerLookupDto>> GetCustomerLookupAsync(string name) { if( name.IsNullOrEmpty()){} var customers = await _customerRepository.GetListAsync(x=>x.Name.Contains(name)); return new ListResultDto<CustomerLookupDto>( ObjectMapper.Map<List<Customer>, List<CustomerLookupDto>>(customers)); } and i need to use it in angular mat-autocomplete component so when i start writing customer name it start viewing list of customers that contains the characters that i […]

By zahra
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Can’t display Array data

Hello, I’m sorry it’s trivial question but it makes me crazy don’t why I can’t get data from array. This is my Array : This is my code to display data in HTML : <span class="candidate-list-time order-1">{{}}</span> I don’t know what is wrong, I allways display data that way, please any help. Source: Angular Questions

By lili
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how to disable vertical scroll bar in angular chartjs

i have the angular component as: i want to disable the vertical horizontal bar so that the chart fits into component. i have tried to use css class as: .scroll-disable {overflow-y: hidden !important;} and use this class in my div as: <div class="scroll-disable"> <mat-dialog-action class="close-button"> <button mat-icon-button (click)="onNoClick()" [mat-dialog-close]="true"> <mat-icon class="close-icon" color="warn">X</mat-icon> </button> </mat-dialog-action> <div […]

By Ashraf Yawar
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TypeError: Failed to execute ‘append’ on ‘FormData’: parameter 2 is not of type ‘Blob’

I have a function in my angular project, and i need to mock formData.append, but a don’t know how, i have this error: TypeError: Failed to execute ‘append’ on ‘FormData’: parameter 2 is not of type ‘Blob’. My typescript code: sendFile(file: File) { const formData: FormData = new FormData(); formData.append(‘fileKey’, file,; return new Promise((resolve, […]

By David Angarita
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Angular: Call a function after an array is populated in another function

Here is the code sample I am working with. a public variable is declared and that is populated in the function loadData(). I would like to call the function processItemList only after the itemList is populated in the loadData() function. The code below is the way the itemlist is populated and and is already in […]

By Nick
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Should I create a module for each component on Angular? [closed]

I am studying Angular and I am asking myself about the module usage: What are the pros and cons of creating a module for each component? What are the pros and cons of creating a unique module that aggregates all the components? After listing the pros and cons of previous questions, when should I use […]

By V tor Fran a
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How to add video in circle konvajs

I want to display a video in circle konvajs. I saw this example but I want the video to be in a circle Source: Angular Questions

By Man
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How do services communicate with components?

Lets say I have a Service "DeviceService" in which I have devices, and methods to control them. export class DeviceService { devices = [ { name: ‘TV’, status: ‘off’ }, { name: ‘PC’, status: ‘on’ } ]; switchOnAll() { for (let device of this.devices) { device.status = ‘on’; } } switchOffAll() { for (let device […]

By CelKyo
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Angular Material Table row grouping with footer for each group

Here is the link that I’m using for row grouping This works exactly what I want. But I need one for in addition is footer/row for each row group, that is, in this example (given link) P1 and P2 are the primary groups. end of group P1 I want an additional row/footer. Thanks in […]

Using one formData to post to two table having foreign key

I’m learning Angular with ASP.NET and I have some problems. As I want to use one form in Angular to insert two SQL Server Tables using POST API from ASP.NET core. I have two Models created with EF code first on VS: public class Employee { [Key] public int EmployeeId { get; set; } [Column(TypeName […]

By t Nguy n
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