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Checkbox color to be changed and checked in Angularjs Data table

how to Checkbox color to be changed and checked in Angularjs Data table I am using angular material data table. I have an issue in the check box in data table. Here is my data table <md-table-container> <table md-table md-row-select=”options.rowSelection” multiple=”{{options.multiSelect}}” ng-model=”selectedItemsToCreate” md-progress=”promise” animate-sort-icon=”true”> <thead ng-if=”!options.decapitate” md-head md-order=”query.order”> <tr md-row class=”md-row-height”> <th md-column md-order-by=”BDSparePartNumber”><span>Part #</span></th> <th md-column md-order-by=”BDSPCondition”><span>Part Condition</span></th> <th md-column md-order-by=”BDSPSerialNumber”><span>Part Serial #</span></th> <th md-column md-numeric><span>Line #</span></th> <th md-column md-numeric><span>Part Quantity</span></th> <th md-column md-order-by=”BDID” […]

Server response type is buffer and return buffer array rather than actual content.

how to Server response type is buffer and return buffer array rather than actual content. I have an angular Js application which is deployed in Node express server.The API service is written in Python.When I am calling the API, the response I am getting is as {type: “Buffer”, data: Array(33)} When I try the same endpoint in Angular 4 and POSTMAN I am getting the correct data.Can anybody help me over here? Is this any […]

Access windows Authenticated Web API through Angular 2 without login prompt

I have already developed front-end application in Angular2 and back-end in web APIs. I had used Windows authentication as enabled because I want to detect requesting user. Both applications are hosted in IIS server(Windows Server 2012). When I load angular app it load login prompt and when give correct user credentials data loading happen correctly. But I want to know a way to load them without login prompt, authenticate automatically. This is the way […]

RxJS: invoke two async calls, return the first that passes a condition, or a special value of none of them does

Using RxJS, I want to invoke two different asynchronous operations, which may or may not return null. They may also take indefinite time to complete. I want to achieve the following: If operation A returns value 1, then immediately return value 1 If operation B returns value 2, then immediately return value 2 If both operation A and B return null, then return null. I suppose I can achieve the first two simply as follows: […]

How to Sum From Multi object

Please help me, I’m using 2 JSON feed, need to display array value in one table then add sum row for each column, but I don’t know how to call Expense Table and sum it. Income JSON Table: nominal_income Expense JSON Table: nominal_expense If you have any example please let me know 😀 My HTML: <table ng-controller=”incomeCtrl”> <tr> <td>Income</td> <td>Expense</td> </tr> <tr ng-repeat=”item in incomes” ng-init=”$last ? runEvent(item) : null”> <td class=”text-left”>{{item.nominal_income}}</td> <td class=”text-left”>{{item.nominal_expense}}</td> // […]

3rd party Angular 4 control in hybrid app

I am trying to upgrade an AngularJS 1.5 app to Angular 4. I have successfully managed to bootstrap the application and have an Angular4 component loaded in an AngularJS component template. Now I am trying to use a 3rd party Angular4 tree component but it is unable to load it. I know that only components/services defined in the root module are available after downgrading but is there a way use 3rd party Angular4 component in […]

Angular 1x to Angular 5 with visual studio [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Migrating Angular 1 to Angular 4 [closed] 1 answer Angular 2+ can't find Angular 1.X to bootstrap 3 answers I Maintain a fairly old project that uses the following: Angular 1.6 Asp .net about 1/2 of the code is written on typescript. The rest is javascript Types (angular.d.ts for example) seemed to be copied to the project by hand and not using “typings” or “npm” Visual studio 2015 […]

Can someone explain about this code?

I just recently found the code on a website. In a login form to encrypt the password to be sent to the server via the browser.I want to re-create the code in the php version but this code is difficult to understand because it uses the framework Angular JS. Which I do not know at all. can someone help me how this code works? thank you for your help function encryptData(a) { if (keys = […]

module configuration function is not being called if the .component() is called

I have two files in my angular app as shown below: module.js (function () { “use strict”; var module = angular.module(“psMovies”, [“ngRoute”]); module.config([“$routeProvider”, function ($routeProvider) { $routeProvider .when(“/list”, { template: “<movie-list></movie-list>” }) .when(“/about”, { template: “<app-about></app-about>” }); }]); })(); movie-list.component.js (function () { var module = angular.module(“psMovies”, [“ngRoute”]); module.component(“movieList”, { template: “List goes here…” }); })(); with this, I am not seeing the config function is hitting at all. if I remove module.component() in second […]

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