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How do I debug angular server side code in vscode or webstorm

Angular server side code is throwing errors and its hard to figure out what is causing the error. I boiled it down to two routes that were causing the error, but before I strip the routes to the barebones and recheck, I just wanted to see if I can put some breakpoints on main.js to […]

Angular Universal on AWS Lambda error 403

I am new to the serverless framework and AWS lambda functions. I have set up SSR with the AWS lambda function and tested locally (using serverless-offline) it works as expected. However after deploying to AWS, only the index.html and basic styles are rendered and other routes return a 403 forbidden error. Below is my configuration. […]

When exactly is Angular Universal sent to the client?

I just stated to learn Angular Universal and can’t understand one thing. For example I have a component where I get tasks and display them … ngOnInit() { this.tasksService.getAll().subscribe(tasks => this.tasks = tasks); } …. When is this component will be sent to the client? Does the server send the main template and afterward the […]

How to deploy my angular-app in heroku with angular universal?

To upload an angular project in heroku I run the command ng run build –prod and the files i copy to the public folder in my backend. Then i make the commit to Heroku. Now i want to do the same with angular universal but it creates two folders, browser folder and server folder. My […]

Angular Universal TransferState.toJson return {} but in html exist

Dont work TransferState when use angular routing. The content its in html file source but return {} in angular component. The interceptors works fine when reload the page but return {} when came from a route Ex: (routerLink=¨/detail¨) @NgModule({ imports: [ AppModule, ServerModule, ServerTransferStateModule, ], providers: [ // Add universal-only providers here { provide: HTTP_INTERCEPTORS, […]

Angular does not work in IE and smart tv browsers

My website is built with Angular 12 and SSR. but It doesn’t work on IE or Samsung TV browsers. i added these lines to my polyfills.ts. import "core-js/es/symbol"; import "core-js/es/object"; import "core-js/es/function"; import "core-js/es/parse-int"; import "core-js/es/parse-float"; import "core-js/es/number"; import "core-js/es/math"; import "core-js/es/string"; import "core-js/es/date"; import "core-js/es/array"; import "core-js/es/regexp"; import "core-js/es/map"; import "core-js/es/weak-map"; import "core-js/es/set"; import […]

Angular Universal loads login page for brief second

I recently enabled Angular Universal in my project. Everything works as expected, except for one strange issue. Whenever I refresh page or click a link in email that navigates to webpage, I see Login page for brief second then actual page loads. Sample project created and uploaded to Github. Remember the delay may not as […]

Angular Universal Build on Plesk – View page source not render

I try to deploy an Angular app on Plesk. I add angular universal to my application, and run build:ssr. On the Server, I install node js 12 also install pm2 and deploy the build folder [browser and server] folders and make the path to dist/MyApp/browser also run /opt/plesk/node/12/bin/pm2 start dist/MyApp/server/main.js After all of this, view […]

By Sameh Mohamed Omr
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Redirect user agent-based in Angular 12 and SSR

I implemented my VOD website with Angular 12 and SSR. I want to redirect smart TV users to another URL based on their user agent. In my app component, I use this code to detect user agents. <pre><code>checkUserAgent() { let userAgent = this.deviceService.getDeviceInfo()[&quot;userAgent&quot;]; userAgent = userAgent.toLowerCase().trim(); if ( userAgent.includes(&quot;tizen&quot;) || userAgent.includes(&quot;webos&quot;) || userAgent.includes(&quot;androidtv&quot;) || userAgent.includes(&quot;tv&quot;) […]

Angular Universal, generate dynamic robots and sitemaps

After hours working with this library and adapting my code to make my App works, i have few questions… i have an App that works for several domains/subdomains so i would need to generate a sitemap and robots.txt for every domain/subdomain that i’m serving my app. At these point i configured my API REST in […]

By Sergio Cano
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