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How to filter the list of countries by its first letter while search in ui-select using angular js?

How can i search the word by filtering the list by its first letter? <td class=”country-selection-cell”> <ui-select multiple ng-disabled=”service.serviceName === null” ng-model=”service.countries” close-on-select=”false” ng-change=”vm.checkIfDuplicatesExist(newServiceWithCountriesForm)” ng-attr-title=”{{service.serviceName === null?’Please select a service first’:’Choose countries’}}” ng-required=”true”> <ui-select-match placeholder=”Select countries…”> {{$item}} </ui-select-match> <ui-select-choices repeat=”country in vm.countries | filter:$ track by $index” position=’down’> {{country}} </ui-select-choices> </ui-select> </td> Source: AngularJS

angular ui-select2 not set value in edit mode

<select id=”e1″ style=”width:100%” ui-select2 tabindex=”-1″ ng-init=”GetAllAgent()” ng-model=”Agent” ng-options=”ctr as ctr.AgentName for ctr in ListAgent track by ctr.AgentId” ng-change=”GetSubAgentList(Agent.AgentId)”> <option value=””> </option></select> when it is in edit mode,could not set the default value using the below code angular.forEach($scope.ListAgent, function (value, index) { if (value.AgentId == HR.AgentId) { $scope.Agent = $scope.ListAgent[index]; } }) $scope.ListAgent= [{ AgentId: “0”, AgentName:”Ann” }, { AgentId: “1”, AgentName:”Muh” }]; and HR.AgentId=1 Source: AngularJS

ui-select Does Not Drop Down On Click

Got a time-sink of a bug which is hard to solve. I’m implementing a multi-select control using ui-select. As you can see in the plunks from that site, when you click on the inputs, you are meant to get a drop-down list. With my attempt, I am not getting anything when I click on the input, unless I click in the list first, and then about 1cm below the list (which is where the actual […]