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How to define click event on click and href event when user opens a new tab

This is very specific requirement but was wondering if this is possible. I have a header menu, “Create Report”. I had defined “click” event for this. On clicking this menu, it opens a new modal, without changing the route.. and once user feeds some data there and clicks submit, it changes the route to “/reports” and shows the data. But problem with this approach is, when user want to open this link in new tab […]

Angular js routing issues with transitions how could that be eliminated

> transition suspended,prevented,aborted,failed in angular ui-routing….. anyone could you please help me?….I am using angular 1.6.4 version and ui-router’s version is v0.2.18….js var app=angular.module(‘app’, [‘ui.router’]) app.config([‘$qProvider’, functi;on ($qProvider) { ‘use strict’; $qProvider.errorOnUnhandledRejections(false); }]) Source: AngularJS

AngularJs Page Refresh Gives 404 Page not found on server

this routing working fine on loaclhost. but when I deploy my application on server and refresh any page it shows error of 404 error page not found. below is my routing $routeProvider .when(“/”, { templateUrl: “/views/login.cshtml” }) .when(“/Login”, { templateUrl: “/Views/login.cshtml” }) .when(“/adminlogin”, { templateUrl: “/views/login.cshtml” }) .when(“/Register”, { templateUrl: “/Views/Register.cshtml” }) .when(“/blue”, { templateUrl: “blue.htm” }).otherwise(‘/’, { redirectTo: ‘/’ }); $locationProvider .html5Mode(true) anyone knows the solution kindly share. Source: AngularJS

how to give controller a name in a directive in Angular

So it might be a simple question. I have a directive defined this way: angular .module(‘ui-abc’, [ ‘xyz’]) .directive(‘computer’, compute); function compute( item) { return { restrict: “EA”, templateUrl: ‘../elements/src/template.html’, scope:{ qwerty : ‘=’,} controller: [‘$scope’,’$sce’, { ……… } The controller does not have a name, how can i add one ? I need this name so that I can refer to that controller inside my ui-router configuration. I tried to do this function compute( […]

Could not get the pages while refreshing the browser using ui-router Angular.js

I need some help.I am facing some issues. I could not get the pages after refreshing again using Angular.js. I am explaining my code below. route.js: var app=angular.module(‘demo’,[‘ui.router’]);$rootScope, $state) { $rootScope.$state = $state; }); compliance.config(function($stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider,$locationProvider) { $urlRouterProvider.otherwise(‘/’); $stateProvider .state(‘/’, { url: ‘/’, templateUrl: ‘View/demo1.html’, controller: ‘demoController’ }) .state(‘demo2’, { url: ‘/demo2’, templateUrl: ‘View/demo2.html’, controller: ‘demo2Controller’ }) $locationProvider.html5Mode({ enabled: true, requireBase: true }); }); index.html: <div ui-view></div> demo1.html: demoController.js: $scope.goToAuditDetailPage=function(){ $state.go(‘demo2’,{}, { reload: true […]

Browser back button angular ui router

I want to get working back button of the browser with angular 1.4.10 ui-router. This is sample code of my app.js var myApp = angular.module(“myApp”,[ “ui.router”, “AppCtrls”]); myApp.config(function ($stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider, $locationProvider){ $locationProvider.html5Mode({ enabled: true, requireBase: false }); $stateProvider.state(“state1”, { url: “”, template: “<p>State 1</p>”, controller: “Ctrl1” }).state(“state2”, { url: “”, template: “<p>State 2</p>”, controller: “Ctrl2” }); }); var ctrls = angular.module(“AppCtrls”, []); ctrls.controller( “Ctrl1”, function($scope) { console.log(“Ctrl1 loaded.”); }); ctrls.controller( “Ctrl2”, function($scope) { console.log(“Ctrl2 loaded.”); […]

‘$routeProvider’ not displaying the content of ‘templateUrl’ in Angular

I am setting up a project in Angular and am wanting to configure some routing. I am trying to achieve this via ‘ngRoute’. However, the ‘$routeProvider’ is not displaying the content of ‘templateUrl’, though, it loads up the controller just fine. routes.js app.config(function($routeProvider){ $routeProvider .when(“/”,{template:”<div>I am here</div>”,controller:”dashboardController”}) .when(“/userList”,{templateUrl:”/views/userList.html”,controller:”userListController”}) .when(“/createUser”,{templateUrl:”/views/createUser.html”,controller:”createUserController”}) .otherwise({template:”Error 404 : Page not found ! “}); }); app.js var app = angular.module(‘updatedAngularProject’,[‘ngRoute’]); views/dashboard.html <div> <h1 style=”color:white;”>fgsdgsdgsdgsdgsdgsgasdgdggasdfshfghfg</h1> </div> views/createUser.html <h1>Create User</h1> views/userList.html <h1>User List</h1> index.html […]

How do I read URL params after hash with Angularjs?

We use Angularjs 1.5, ui-router and html5mode turned on in our e-commerce app. Parsing URL of this kind: https://whatever-domain/products/product?code=123&variant=456&dealerId=789 works fine. Recently we got use case when we have URL terminated on the backend side with parameter after hash, i.e. https://whatever-domain/products/product?code=123&variant=456&dealerId=789#vehicleId=100200. And ui-router cannot read this “#vehicleId=100200” assuming that is anchor (not sure). There is NO way for backend to deliver it as “&vehicleId=100200” for reasons they say. Dear Angular guys, is there any valid […]

are these ui-sref states ie11 friendly

When trying to navigate with IE11, the links do not work with a state such as url: ‘/main-category/:id’ but the “parent” state url: ‘/:main-category/’ works fine. These are not true nested or parent-child since they don’t actually share any common views/html template, except for navigation. I found this meta tag suggestion and this IE events suggestion, but neither seem to be providing a solution for why my navigation bar AND links from another state do […]

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