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Category: angular-ui-bootstrap

Making a responsive navbar layout with two logos and centered text

I need to do a responsive navbar with: LOGO1(left side) text(centered) LOGO2(right side) I am trying the next but It doesnt work when when resized to small screens. Here is my problem: when in “lg” size the screen is correct. But when in “md” size or smaller the LOGO2 goes to left side. And, in ‘xs’ size the ‘text’ continues showing with the LOGO2 below it. In my markup code I have some angular staff, […]

How can I get the user inputs in angularjs and pass it from one modal to another? How controllers are connected in javascript?

I am new to Javascript and Angular….and I am trying to change a code so that when the user click on a button, it shows a form to user to enter her/his name, then if they press submit button Smilar to this image , the result should be saved. So I have a main controller and view (let’s say its name is page), when the first button is clicked, a function will be called that […]