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AngularJS routes not working when bootsrapped with Angular 5

I have AngularJS application (suppose myAngularJS) which is bootstrapping with an Angular 5 service (suppose myAngularService) which is loading as independent application outside Angular JS as separate project solution and separate js. This is achieved by downgrading the Angular5 service using downgradeinjectable and making it part of temporary AngularJS (suppose mytempAngularJS) application which then bootstraps my main Angular JS app (myAngularJS). This is achieved by doing following line of code successfully. var tempApp = angular.module(‘mytempAngularJS’, […]

Angular routing, lazy loading of controllers – SPA performance tuning required

I am working on a quite large AngularJS single page application having bunch of controllers. I am using url based routing (not state based). Every route has its own controller and I have to load all the controllers into the footer all together so that whenever a route is accessed, its controller file is already loaded/available. Problem Although i minify all the files but I am still not satisfied with having all the controller files […]

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘childNodes’ of undefined at f (angular.min.js:62)at angular.min.js:62 "<div ng-view="" class="ng-scope">"

I have been facing this from a long time, it is thrown when I’m trying to bind data to a variable in the html using {{}}. I used ngRoute for routing among different pages. The above mentioned error occurs when I’m trying to bind data to a variable or ng-model in the HTML. But it works fine when the model’s value is already declared in the controller. The data that I’m receiving is from a […]

template URL in angular always calling the path variable requesting mapping in spring

I’m using the Angular UI-router to navigate between pages, and my app.js file looks like below: var businessApp = angular.module(‘businessApp’, [ ‘ui.router’ ]); businessApp.config(function($stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider) { // $urlRouterProvider.otherwise(‘/’); $stateProvider // HOME STATES AND NESTED VIEWS ======================================== .state(‘home’, { url : ‘/’ }) .state(‘index’, { url : ‘/’, templateUrl : ‘index’, controller : ‘dashboardController’ }); }); and my spring controller request mapping looks like below: @RequestMapping(value=”/home/{name}/{id}”, method=RequestMethod.GET) public String loadHomePage(@PathVariable String name, @PathVariable String id) { […]

Why Angular append #/ to end of my eatch url?

Why Angular append #/ to end of my eatch url ? When i hit (local vertual host) then its redirect to and Note: I have already enable html5 mode and rewrite module and checkout on html5 supportedt browser my app.js code are . angular.module(‘Checkmate’, [ ‘ngRoute’, ‘Checkmate.landing’, ‘Checkmate.howItsWork’ ]). config([‘$locationProvider’, ‘$routeProvider’, function($locationProvider, $routeProvider) { $locationProvider.html5Mode({ enable : true, requireBase: false }); $locationProvider.hashPrefix(”); $routeProvider.otherwise({ redirectTo: ‘/’}); }]); and landing Module are ‘use […]

Routing in AngularJS using parameters

I have been trying to use a JSON file to get all the information to build a basic webpage, rather than creating multiple links with multiple pages, just one that gets the data that is required.My issue is that I can get the link to the page to work however the controller is not getting used within that new page so I am not recieving my data. —controller ‘use strict’; angular.module(‘myApp.view1’, [‘ngRoute’]) .config([‘$routeProvider’, function($routeProvider) { […]

ui-router "The transition was ignored" during state transition

I want to set a general error handler for certain states of my app like main.* and want to redirect user to a general error page if any of state resolves are failed. I set the following error handler: $transitions.onError({to: “main.*”}, function (trans) { $state.go(“transition-error”) }); but If I click on a link say <a ui-sref=”main.profile”> profile </a>, and transition occurs successfully and I click on that link for the second time, my error handler […]

Unsubscribe Page via AngularJS

How to use routeprovider to route an Unsubscribe Page to your personal Mail Id using AngularJS? What are the inbuilt API that can be used? I try to use to use $routeParams to allow the current controller to route the page to route to Email ID. But the problem I’m facing is that it gets stuck in the same page and not moving at all. What should be given for Email id for a callback […]

SEO aspect about client side routing with angularjs or vuejs

Using a client side routing server side doesn’t forge entire page to serve a client, but datas are downloaded from webapp “on demand”. So, in this scenario, if you see html code you could see something like this below: <body> <div class=”blah”>{{content}}</div> </body> I know that prerender strategy can be used and i think that probably google crawler is very smarty and can see contents anyway, but the question is: is it good this approach […]

<failed to convert exception to string> <div ng-view="" class="ng-scope"></div>

I have been having this problem with continues loading with this error on the Chrome Dev tools Here are my Resource Files structures resources |–assets |–js |–app.js |–bootstrap.js |–sass |–lang |–views |–index.php |–login.php here is my app.js code require(‘./bootstrap’); require(‘angular’); require(‘angular-route’); var app = angular.module(“myApp”, [“ngRoute”]); app.config([“$routeProvider”,’$locationProvider’, function($routeProvider,$locationProvider) { $routeProvider .when(“/login”, { templateUrl : “../../views/login.php” }) .otherwise(“/”, { templateUrl : “views/index.php” }); $locationProvider.html5Mode({ enabled: true, requireBase: false }); } ]); Here is my index.php <head> […]

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