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How to handle large selection for copy-paste in angular material virtual scroll?

I have large dataset(60000+) for angular material virtual scroll The scrolling is working but the problem is when I want to copy large section while scrolling down/up, virtual scroll will destroy the elements which are not in the view anymore, that includes the selection as well. That means it will not copy all the selection […]

Add an Item to a cdkVirtualFor

I am using a cdkVirtualFor due to a large number of users in my list. The list has filtering on it and it works much better when it is a cdkVirtualFor rather than a regular *ngFor. I now need to add items to the list using this.filteredUsersList.unshift({}); When I use <div *ngFor="let user of filteredUserList"> […]

By Bwizard
Categorized as angular, angular-cdk-virtual-scroll Tagged ,

Fixing 1st column inside table with cdk virtual scroll

I have a table with tbody and various and cells. I have implemented CDK Virtual scroll because of many rows. I have to freeze the 1st column with horizontal scroll and my horizontal scroll is on cdk component container rather than inside tbody or table. Can you help me how to freeze the 1st column […]

Angular virtual scroll: prepend new items when new data streams in with Microsoft SignalR

Currently I’m using Microsoft SignalR for live updates on my data and whenever new data comes in, I would like it to be added to the existing virtual list while removing that entry from where it was. Essentially how do you unshift with virtual scroll and splice out that data entry without having to reload […]

CDK Virtual scroll weird behavior on checking the width of table

I have user angular material’s CDK virtual scroll for virtual. The virtual scroll fetches values of table data from a function. In the end of function I check the width of table which is inside virtual scroll by using document.getElementbyId("Id").OffsetWidth So apparently, this method is called everytime when I scroll. This causes some weird behavior […]

By sachin hajare
Categorized as angular, angular-cdk-virtual-scroll, angular-material Tagged

Angular material table detect Scroll

I’m using Angular Material Table and want to detect when user scrolls the table. For this, I’m using cdkScrollable. app-my-component: <table mat-table cdkScrollable [dataSource]=”dataSource”> constructor(private scrollDispatcher: ScrollDispatcher) { this.scrollDispatcher.scrolled().subscribe(x => console.log(‘I am scrolling’)); } This works fine when app-my-component is part of the root app-component. But it does not work when app-my-component is inside mat-tab. […]

How can I use angular cdk v7 in angular 6?

I am working on a project using angular version 6 in which I have a large list of images so I want to add cdk-virtual-scrlling, but If I am updating cdk version then it shows error. So how can I use cdk-virtual-scrolling in angular 6. Source: New feed Source Url How can I use angular […]

By Rohit Tagadiya
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Angular: cdk-virtual-scroll + autocomplete – cdk-overlay-pane issue

I’m using Overlay Module of Angular’s CDK with mat-autocomplete. Scenario: There is mat-autocomplete input box with cdk-virtual-scroll and below that there are two buttons. Inputbox is preselected with one of the value from dropdown. Issue: Now if we select whole text/double tap on default selected text from mat-autocomplete input, and then click exactly below to […]

By Anjali
Categorized as angular, angular-cdk-virtual-scroll, angular-material, mat-autocomplete Tagged

Issue about virtual scroll using angular8+material table

I have been working on virtual scrolling with angular8+ material design. We have a search page and is getting thousands of search results based on search criteria. Those results are displaying in mat-table with cdk-virtual-scroll-viewport. For the first time of search results the virtual scrolling is working as expected. But for the second time if […]

By Veera
Categorized as angular, angular-cdk-virtual-scroll, html, material-design, sass

CDK Infinite scroll end checking

im trying to implement infinite scroll for loading items on to the list dynamically when user scrolls down the list, but when i access the end and total , it is coming as same, i need to check if the last item is reached and then append new items to the list. the problem is […]

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