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Angular bootstrap modal inside a modal

How can I open a modal inside of a modal? Ive followed this plnkr but I got an error when I click the confirm button of the second modal. This is the error: Error: [$injector:unpr] This is my first modal $scope.edit = function(data) { var modalInstance = ${ templateUrl: “/wp-content/themes/copywriter-theme/angular-modal-template/management_modal.html”, controller: ‘managementModal’, resolve: { items: function() { return data; } } }); } This is my 2nd modal angular.module([‘ui.bootstrap’]).controller(‘managementModal’,[‘$scope’,’$http’,’$uibModalInstance’,’$uibModal’,’items’,function($scope, $http, $uibModalInstance, $uibModal, items){ $scope.names = […]