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How to trigger a service from one component to dismiss a popup in another component [angular]

For context, we’ve opted to use the angular router instead of the ionic navigation controller to handle routing. I’m trying to handle navigation using the android back button. Pressing it when using an ionic framework emits global-level ion-back-button events. Since we’re not using the ionic navigation controller, the only trigger to emit those events is […]

By Yikaft
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Reload angular mobile app / Reload app.component.ts Angular9

We have a angular/cordova app. At start we are checking if connection is established. If not a reload button is showing up. After the user click on the refresh the complete app should reload or at least the app.component.ts. In web application the the window.reload() is working but not on as mobile app. I know […]

By M Fish
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download and upload file doesn’t work in MobileApp that build from angular project Using cordova

I followed exactly this tutorial: to build apk app using Cordova from Angular Project. now in the android app, everything works well but any functions likes Download ("",_blank)) or upload (<input type="file" (change)="onFileSelected($event)" #fileUpload/>) Nothing happens after called. My cordova config.xml file looks like this : <?xml version=’1.0′ encoding=’utf-8′?> <widget id="io.cordova.hellocordova" version="1.0.0" xmlns="" xmlns:cdv=""> […]

By Navid Dorfeshan
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Error ENOENT no such file or directory ERROR An error occurred while running subprocess cordova

I am trying to add android platform to my app, but it is giving me the following error. I had tried to resolve the errors by checking other posts on stack overflow, but I am still not getting it. I am new to Angular, so could someone help me out… C:Cordova_Practicalsbattery-status-plugin>ionic cordova platform add android […]

By Anjana Jayan
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Debug APK working fine, Release (signed) not

we have a major issue. We have a angular app which is wrapped in cordova container. We generate a debug and release APK version in Android-Studio. When we deploy the debug APK version on a mobile the app is working fine. When we deploy the release signed APK version on a mobile the app is […]

By M Fish
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TFJS throws "Unhandled Rejection (RuntimeError): index out of bounds"

This function used to remove background from a selfie image, and this runs on a mobile device, and if this function runs more than five times consecutively, it throws following error, E/Capacitor/Console: File: http://localhost/vendor-es2015.js – Line 61524 – Msg: ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): RuntimeError: memory access out of bounds RuntimeError: memory access out of […]

By pl-jay
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Receive data from server to Cordova Plugin?

I got a use case where I have to send data for some milliseconds perodically from server to Cordova Application(Android Native, Angular Front End). I am able to get data from server to client(Angular UI, Android) and also I can display it in Angular. But That data is something like just an single integer variable. […]

Push notification firebase not working on ios

We’re working on an Ionic 5 application with my team using Ionic Push Notification 5.36.0 In the app.module.ts we have import { Push } from ‘@ionic-native/push/ngx’; providers: [ InAppBrowser, StatusBar, SplashScreen, {provide: APP_CONFIG, useValue: BaseAppConfig}, {provide: RouteReuseStrategy, useClass: IonicRouteStrategy}, ConfigService, Push, In the app.components.ts We imported what’s necessary Import {Push, PushObject, PushOptions} from ‘@ionic-native/push/ngx’; And […]

By Abdelghank Fadil
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Ionic cdk-virtual-scroll

Recently I replaced all the ion-virtual-scroll components in my ionic project to cdk-virtual-scroll from and Angular cdk because ion-virtual-scroll is gonna be deprecated in ionic7. After this change I got an issue that when I’m using the cdk scroller, the last items are overlapping with the soft buttons on android and you can’t see the […]

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How can I make my Ionic list look like this?

I’m new to Ionic and Angular and I’m trying to achieve a certain look for my Ionic list. I want to make my list items look like cards in a way. Here are two examples of what I mean: First Example Second Example So far I tried to use ion-cards, but I couldn’t make them […]

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