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Is it possible to deploy an Angular app in many languages to AWS Amplify?

I want to have an Angular app translated into many languages for internationalization (i18n). Angular has a built-in i18n module that allows you to build your app into specific locales and languages. But this approach requires you to build a new app for each language. So for English, I must build an app, for Chinese […]

Restart Angular + Node js Application on server after rebooting server

My Application developed using Angular + NodeJS APi. Recently I restart AWS EC2 instance after rebooting my application is not working. I have check all the thing but nothing happened. I have serve node application using PM2 but no Idea how to start angular distribution folder Source: Angular Questions

Angular – How to grab query params from redirect url

I have an Angular application and I’m trying to implement the OAuth flow using AWS Cognito. After using the Cognito UI to log the user in I get redirected to my Angular application and the redirect URL contains a token I need to grab. The redirect URL looks like this: http://localhost/redirect?code=123. However this redirect url […]

how to add custom meta data to presigned post s3 upload?

I have been looking at the docs and from what I gather from aws s3 docs is to add custom meta data add custom fields that start with x-amz-meta- so if i wanted to add a user meta data object which value is 3 it would be x-amz-meta-user : 3 in practice in my formData […]

Use local dependecy on AWS CodeBuild for Angular Project

I have a build project on CodeBuild, problem is one of the dependencies of the project is located on the build machine, for example mine. The package.json part where the dependency is: "company-kit": "file:../../company-kit/releases", When we try to build the log return is this: ‘source error TS2307: Cannot find module’ ‘company-kit’. ‘source error TS2307: Cannot […]

How to decide the node and tiers in Appdynamics

I am new to AppDynamics to I am confused how to decide about node and tiers My application is using : Angular JS and TypeScript : Frontend fastapi : Backend AWS EKS cluster and S3 bucket and CloudFront : for frontend and backend deployment I am also using some Data-Management-Platform APIs and SNOW APIs I […]

Necesito ayuda para comunicar Angular en S3 con Spring Boot corriendo en EC2. AWS HTTPS

Tengo un sitio con angular alojado en S3, el cual consume una api que se encuentra corriendo en EC2 (Spring Boot) , todo funciona bien en HTTP. Mi problema: Puse mi S3 detras de Cloudfrond para que mi sitio tenga un certificado SSL, al realizar esto angular dejo de comunicarse con mi API en EC2. […]

Terms & Condition in AWS cognito

Can we add terms and conditions link with checkbox in the Aws Cognito’s hosted UI? Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance… Source: Angular Questions

Download multiple files in angular using s3 presigned urls

In my applicaton i have a list of s3 presigned urls and i download them ion click of a button but it creates multiple tabs . Can it be done in one tab. Also I dont want to refresh my page as it sends user to home page Source: Angular Questions

How can I insert jwt token needed for api authentication in api request header?

I want to access my api that posts some data in a database. For api authentication I am using a jwt token. I am having problems putting a jwt token into a header of my request. I am using aws api that envokes a lambda function which can access my database, and angular for frontend. […]

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