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Restart Angular + Node js Application on server after rebooting server

My Application developed using Angular + NodeJS APi. Recently I restart AWS EC2 instance after rebooting my application is not working. I have check all the thing but nothing happened. I have serve node application using PM2 but no Idea how to start angular distribution folder Source: Angular Questions

Could not get Node Js server to work on AWS ec2 Instance – Angular

I recently ran into a problem with my Node js server side code and ec2. Basically the problem was that the hardware on which my node js code was hosted had gone into maintenance due to which I had to stop and restart my ec2 instance which I did successfully. So now the ec2 instance […]

Website deployed on AWS EC2 is different than Local version

I have deployed an Angular website using an AWS EC2 Ubuntu free Tier and I made some updates to the local version and pushed the changes to Github. I SSH into the instance on my machine and pull the updates. When I check the code on the EC2 instance the changes are reflected in the […]

[AWS]Making code changes via ftp client are not getting reflected on website

I have an angular js application running on ec2 instance. When I make changes to the code via ftp client/ssh the files are modified, but the changes are not rendered on the website. I tried restarting pm2, cleared browser cache, restarted instance, checked file permissions, tried all possible things but nothing seem to work. I […]

Download large files from server via FrontEnd (Angular)

I am facing issues in my application where I need to download zip files (packages) created by the backend services (on EC2 AWS). We are using HTTP services in Angular to download the zip files. The issue is mainly when the zip file is more than 1.5 GB. The frontend fails to download large files […]

By Manmeet Bhurjee
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Aws Mixed Content Error https cloud front connects to ec2 instead to load balancer

Background: Frontend: I have an Angular project which is in a S3 Bucket. This bucket is connected to cloud front and the route 53 using ssl certificate. Https:// is working and has a valid SSL certificate. Backend: Besides, I have a Spring boot application which is running on an ec2 instance and relates to a […]

By Luis M ller-Rehaag
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Can’t reverse proxy Node backend using Nginx

I’m working with Angular11 + NodeJS on AWS EC2. I’m trying to set up a reverse proxy using nginx. nginx: server { listen 80; listen [::]:80; server_name; root /home/ubuntu/dashboard/frontend/dist/frontangular; server_tokens off; index index.html index.htm; location /auth/ { proxy_pass http://localhost:3000; proxy_http_version 1.1; proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade; proxy_set_header Connection ‘upgrade’; proxy_set_header Host $host; proxy_cache_bypass $http_upgrade; } location […]

By Mart Mataias
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How to set HTTPS redirection to HTTP 8000 port in an ec2 AWS?

I have an Angular app working fine with a custom domain on AWS Amplify, well, this app is connected with a NodeJS backend, located on an ec2 instance. I am using HTTPS for the Angular app, and I also need to use HTTPS to the ec2 instance. I have configured a Load Balancer to redirect […]

Angular – allocation failure scavenge might not succeed

Application stack: Backend – Node, Frontend – Angular Hosted on free tier AWS ec2 which was working fine, but now it is exceeding memory on compilation, and it returns this error: <— Last few GCs —> [4036:000001A5416B67F0] 33037 ms: Mark-sweep 397.5 (404.1) -> 396.1 (404.1) MB, 569.9 / 0.0 ms (average mu = 0.151, current […]

SCSS styling not being applied correctly to Angular App run through NGINX on AWS EC2

I’m currently trying to run my angular app on AWS EC2, and I’ve succeeded in adding it to NGINX and accessing the application through the public IP. However, whenever I actually access the page, the styling is wrong. A lot of the component styling appears to be there; however, the height is shrunk from the […]

By Andrew
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