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What is the best way to stream video to an Angular app?

We have client applications built in both AngularJS and Angular 5. Currently, we use a simple CloudFront distribution, and a vanilla HTML5 tag. Our videos are MP4s encoded in a reasonably good and standard way for the web. Our angular code runs in every modern browser, and also wrapped in Cordova for iPad, and even packaged as a Chrome app for Chrome Book. We are living the cross-platform dream over here. But that’s it! Nothing […]

Safari Issue with Single Page Application AngularJS in HTML5mode with AWS (Cloudfront/S3)

I am running an AngularJS application in S3 and served up in a CloudFront distribution. I chose a CloudFront distribution for performance and the simplicity of installing the SSL certificate. The SPA is in HTML5mode to have a clean URL structure. I configured html5Mode in my app.js file. .config([‘$locationProvider’, function($locationProvider) { $locationProvider.hashPrefix(”); }]).config(function($locationProvider){ $locationProvider.html5Mode(true); }) In my index.html file I set the base tag as follows: <base href=”/” /> I have an S3 bucket serving […]