Angular service injecting another service (both children of same abstract class) can’t access injected service’s methods ("reading undefined")

I have multiple services handling notably API requests for different resources. As they’re very similar, I created a parent abstract generic class like this: abstract class GenericService<T>{ foo(){ bar(); } abstract bar(); } But they’re also highly interconnected so I have a lot of them injected into others: class R1Service extends GenericService<R1>{ … bar(){/*do something*/}; […]

"TypeError: window.require is not a function" in Electron/Angular sample app

So I’m very new to Angular and Electron, and I’ve been having difficulties getting things to work. I’ve been looking for sample apps so that I could have a starting point that I could understand, and I came across this: I’ve been following it, and at the point where I first run npm run […]

By Wolfeur
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