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Cordova – how do I know if my app is using the HTML5 Geolocation API or the cordova geolocation plugin?

I am developing an Angular 1.5.3/Cordova 6.5/Ionic 1.3.3 App. In my app I intend to use the cordova geo-location plugin. The app will run in WebView (usually Chrome Stable on Android). Here is my package.json file: { “name”: “myApp”, “description”: “yadda”, “version”: “4.2.0”, “private”: true, “dependencies”: { “angular”: “1.5.3” }, “devDependencies”: { }, “cordovaPlugins”: [ “[email protected]”, “[email protected]” ] } I notice that there is an HTML5 API to detect geolocation: I also notice a […]

Why does Ionic Deploy add ionicCacheBuster to all of my files and calls?

I have an Ionic v1 app with ionic deploy. When my app starts up in the block I have some code checking for a snapshot. $ionicDeploy.check().then(function (snapshotAvailable) { if (snapshotAvailable) { $ () { return $ionicDeploy.extract().then(function() { ${ title: ‘Update Available’, subTitle: ‘An update was just downloaded. Would you like to restart your app to use the latest features?’, buttons: [ { text: ‘Cancel’ }, { text: ‘Restart’, onTap: function(e) { $ionicDeploy.load(); //no code […]