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Author: Sunny

Not able to find correct indexOf value by clicking an array element

My code for html and js are as: html <img ng-repeat = “x in images” ng-src = “{{x.url}}” ng-click = “mag(x)”> js $scope.images = [img1, img2, img3, img4] var l; $scope.mag = function(x){ l = $scope.images.indexOf(x); console.log(“value of l “+l); } img1, img2… are dummy objects in which their ulrs exist. As I click over first image, in console.log() it is showing value of l is 0 which is correct but on clicking 2nd image, […]

$sce.trustAsHtml filter is not getting applied with ng-bind-html

I’m trying to display the html content which I receive in my div.testData by using ng-bind-html together with filter. I’ve already included ‘ngSanitize’ in my app. But somehow, it works only partially. Seem like, filter is not getting applied. It works fine when I create a local file and check, but doesn’t work when I use the same code in my project environment. Sample data: $scope.userProfile.Information = ‘&lt;p&gt;Hello, this is sample data to test html.&lt;/p&gt;’; […]

Filter results in table using select created through object property in angularJS

I’m trying to create a filter which will filter out the results in the table based on the value selected in the dropdown. Currently, it works for all the dropdowns except the ‘type’. The ‘type’ dropdown has been created using the unique properties from an array of objects. So, now, it contains two values ‘Internal’ and ‘External’. Based on the value I select, it should show me only the filtered results in the table. But […]

Flickering issue on mouseover dynamic menu in AngularJS

I’ve created a navigation menu out of a JSON, which flickers while hovering from one menu to another. For e.g., when I mouse over on ‘About Abc’ and then on ‘Offices’, there’s a strange flickering or blipping. Unfortunately, I’m not able to reproduce it every time with this html. In my actual code, I get the JSON by hitting a url. How do I fix this blipping issue? Is it due to 500 ms delay […]

ng-click not working while calling a function on a ‘ul’ in angularJS

I’m creating a navigation menu using angularJS. My ng-click with the function “sayHello()” inside the ul or li are not working. However, all the other ng-click are working fine. ALso, if I just remove ‘obj.showChildMenu = !obj.showChildMenu’ from my first ng-click in the ul and just include ‘sayHello’ there, it is not working. But the one which shows = ‘obj.showChildMenu = !obj.showChildMenu’ seems to work fine. I’ve only attached the sample code here. The controller […]