use RXJS to keep triggering http calls in angular until a condition is met

I am making calls to the spotify api which returns an object like so: { next: ‘′ items: […] } where items are the result of the just-made network call and next is the url to use to get the next ‘page’ of results. What i would like to do is make an initial call […]

trying to add @ionic/angular to existing angular 12 app fails

When trying to run: ng add @ionic/angular to this existing repo: results in: ℹ Using package manager: npm ✔ Found compatible package version: @ionic/[email protected] ✔ Package information loaded. The package @ionic/[email protected] will be installed and executed. Would you like to proceed? Yes ✔ Package successfully installed. "ionicNgAdd" schema is using the keyword "id" which […]

Best way to handle msal redirect errors from the Msal2Provider in an angular project?

i am using the @microsoft/mgt libraries in order to use the Msal2Provider, people picker, and teams channel picker features. Everything is going great but I would like for our app to not crash if there ever is an error signing in to microsoft to retrieve the MSAL token using: Providers.globalProvider = new Msal2Provider({ clientId: ‘my-client-id’, […]

Is there a way to know when an msal redirect is in progress?

Im using the @azure/msal-browser and @azure/msal-angular packages in order to simply retrieve an MSAL token for my signed in users. Since all I really need is the token I have only provided the MsalService and MSAL_INSTANCE in my app.module.ts. I am using the redirect flow and have chosen to subscribe to the .handleRedirectObservable() method myself […]

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