Angular: ChangeDetection Interferes with HostBinding

I’m trying to implement an Animate On Scroll library/helper based on this idea Wizdm Genesys I have a service that emits an IntersectionInfo (IsIntersecting, Direction, IsEntering, etc. ) object when an element intersects with the viewport. I subscribe to it and if the element is entering the viewport, I trigger the enter animation. It works […]

Angular: Programatically set style of complex css selector

I’m looking for a way to do the following programatically: tr.product-row:not(.expanded-row):active { background-color: red; <–this part will be calculated in my .ts file } The reason is that I want the active color to be a lighter version of the color of a different element. I can calculate the color I need but don’t know […]

By ShanieMoonlight
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