Formatting error should fail bundling in NodeJS + ExpressJS + TSLint + Prettier

I would like to implement a feature like, if any of the file code is not formatted or not followed the standard then build has to show the errors with the line numbers, eg. Semistandard in JS. Likewise for TS. Because, team members are not formatting the code, and other developers are feeling hard to […]

Open graph not working properly in Single Page Application AngularJs

I created the Single-page Application using Angularjs. Now I need to set the social media share button for the main page. I used open graph meta tags. But it shows the variable in the title’s place. I attached my code below. var mainbread = angular.module(‘mainbread’, [‘ngSanitize’, ‘ui-notification’,’ngRoute’, ‘ngTable’,’ngStorage’, ‘angular.filter’, ‘moment-picker’, ‘ngMaterial’, ‘720kb.socialshare’,’googlechart’,’md-steppers’,’djds4rce.angular-socialshare’,’ngMeta’]) mainbread.config(function (NotificationProvider, $routeProvider, […]

How to add the routeparams between angularjs and PHP

I have successfully added route parameters in angular js and PHP files. But I need to add the URL parameter for one file. I added that. But it showing an error. I attached the code below var mainbread = angular.module(‘mainbread’, [‘ngSanitize’, ‘ui-notification’,’ngRoute’, ‘ngStorage’, ‘angular.filter’, ‘moment-picker’, ‘ngMaterial’, ‘720kb.socialshare’]) mainbread.config(function (NotificationProvider, $routeProvider, $locationProvider) { NotificationProvider.setOptions({ delay: 5000, […]

By Saravanan
Categorized as angularjs, javascript, php, routeparams, routing

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