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Add additional info to into ngCart’s Cart Object

I am trying to add some additional information to ngCart’s Cart such as Location, Date and Time which is to be posted to an API along with the cart items. I have added the additional items already as can be seen on this code pen My question is where and how do I add the additional info. I’ve modified the ngCart.js as attached, but nothing seems to be working. Would greatly appreciate any guidance/help. […]

AngularJS: Display SVG from JSON

I want to display my svg file from json using Rest Api, I have not managed to display it. json file: { “id”: “sample string 1”, “svg”: “/PlanSvg/Planwidget”, “name”: “plan” } Controller.js: $scope.LoadLeaf = function (Id_Leaf) { REST.DoGET(PATH_LEAF, “/” + Id_Leaf).success(function (data) { $scope.Leaf = data; }).error(function () { }); } <div ng-controller=”MapLiveWidget”> <div >{{}}</div> <div>{{}}</div> <div><img ng-src=”Leaf.svg'”</div> </div> Source: AngularJS