Using ng2-tooltip-directive to achieve same elements show 2 tooltips

I want to achieve same element show the 2 tooltips. I am using the ng2-tooltip-directive library to show the tooltip. <div id="Element1"> <div id="toolTip1Anchor" [tooltip]="toolTip1" maxWidth="350px" [placement]="’bottom’" contentType="template" [tooltipClass]="’tip tip-arrow-right-bottom’" [offset]="10" [pointerEvents]="’auto’" autoPlacement="false"></div> <div id="toolTip2Anchor" [tooltip]="toolTip2" maxWidth="350px" [placement]="’bottom’" contentType="template" [tooltipClass]="’tip tip-arrow-right-bottom’" [offset]="200" [pointerEvents]="’auto’" autoPlacement="false"></div> </div> But i found that it can only show one tooltip. […]

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Angular infinite virtual scrolling minBufferPx and maxBufferPx

According to the official documentation of angular virtual scrolling minBufferBx and maxBufferPx Supposed that we have the following parameters: itemSize = 50, minBufferPx = 100, maxBufferPx = 250. As the user is scrolling through the content the viewport detects that there is only 90px of buffer remaining. Since this is below minBufferPx the viewport must […]

Angular drag and drop cannot drag to correct position in mat dialog

I have a long list of items and would like to drag and drop to change position in the list. If it is used in a simple component, I can drag and drop in any position. During drag, i can scroll to the items which are outside the visible range and i can drop to […]

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angular cdk virtual viewport setting dynamic height

When using the cdk virtual viewport, need to set the height of the viewport .example-viewport { height: 800px; width: 100%; border: 1px solid black; } <cdk-virtual-scroll-viewport class="example-viewport"> <div *cdkVirtualFor="let item of items" class="example-item">{{item}}</div> </cdk-virtual-scroll-viewport> But i want the cdk-virtual-scroll-viewport to have wrap the content items if it is not reaching max height to appear scrollbar. […]

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