Bootstrap 5 in Angular Application

Since version 5 Bootstrap framework has removed jQuery as a requirement. I want to know how this change affects the Angular application? Can we use all provided Bootstrap functionalities in Angular (for example dropdowns)? I know that Angular shouldn’t be combined with JQuery – in earlier versions of Bootstrap, JQuery was recommened to import if […]

Angular Text Rotator

I want to implement simple text rotator which will rotate each 3 seconds some texts. The change will be animated. I have found jquery plugin which perfectly solves my problem: But I have read that it’s not a good practice to use jquery plugins in Angular Applications. Hence I want to implement text rotator […]

Angular 2+ -> session based authentication vs jwt authentication

If we are building new Angular application with authentication mechanism what is the recommended way to authenticate the user? I’ve seen a lot of Angular authentication tutorials and all of them are showing only jwt authentication approach. Is there a way to implement session-based authentication in Angular Applications along with some custom backend? Should we […]

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