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Author: Ramesh Rajendran

loader for every event action of a particular page ( life cycle of all events)

I want to show/hide a loader while doing every event action on a particular screen. I know we can do it manually by using show/hide on a function of the event. I have tried it but I don’t want that for no reusability So I am expecting a common function that would be hit for every event (click,change,hover,blur,…..all) action in a particular page. So I can easily load the loader for a particular event if […]

How to use loader while page rendering in angular 2?

I have a loader.gif image with a flag variable to show and hide. <div [hidden]=”IsLoading” class=”loadingDiv”></div> In my html having 200 records without pagination(the requirement is not need pagination). So I felt the rendering time is taking some time(around 5-10 sec). so I have planed to use loader. cutomLoad() { this.IsLoading = false; this.tyreAndRimList = this.temptyreAndRimList; // here having 200 records. this.IsLoading = true; } I have tried above code. The code run very quick […]

Performance about ng-show vs. ng-hide

Introduction:- Some people are only using ng-show instead of ng-hide=”!true” Or some peoples are using ng-hide instead of ng-show=”!true”. Technically we don’t need ng-hide directive. But! I know angular introduced ng-hide for standard coding structure. And please understand me, I am asking about the performance not difference. My Question:- So my question is what about the performance of this following scenarios? ng-hide=”true” vs. ng-show =”!true” ng-show=”true” vs. ng-hide=”!true”; Source: AngularJS