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Author: Raghu

Error in angularjs typescript definition file

Recently updated to Typescript 2.6.1 (from 1.8.2) and installed the relevant definition files via npm install. I was able to address lot of errors due to the migration but I still get one error @typesangularjsindex.d.ts(1839,15): error TS2430: Build:Interface ‘IAugmentedJQuery’ incorrectly extends interface ‘JQuery’. I had to downgrade the JQuery typings to 2.0.48, since I read on SO that the angular typings that augment JQuery typings haven’t been updated. VS2015’s intellisense shows the error message Types […]

How to use .then method for vcRecaptchaService.execute()?

I am using anuglar-recaptcha for adding Google Invisible Recaptcha to my login form The issue I am facing is, immediately after I call vcRecaptchaService.execute, if I print the recaptcha_reponse I will see undefined as output. But if I print recaptcha_reponse few seconds afterwards by using a test function printRecaptchaReponse I will see the recaptcha_reponse getting printed. The Issue here is, the library function vcRecaptchaService.execute() is not returning a $promise here. Its actually returning none Is […]