Remove Code blocks based on Environment Nx Angular

I’m really interested in inserting or removing code blocks in my Angular App based on the environment. Specifically removing certain import declarations and related code that should not be used for Production keeping the bundle light, while getting the benefit of extra code in the dev environment. I know webpack can handle code trasformations, so […]

How to get a list of component file paths from an Angular ngModule file?

I’m trying to look for automation solutions for refactoring an Angular app as it is really tedious to manually refactor. As we try to lighten our app’s shared module by treeshaking components/directives into their own module, there is a need to go through every feature module in the app and check if a directive or […]

How can I get Template Type Checking to work with Angular Libs in a project?

I’m trying to get a local project to use template type checking with angular’s lib tools. Although I can’t seem to get it to work when the module is imported from the dist folder. (Template type checking does work if you import from the projects folder directly but it’s suggested to do a lib build […]

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How can I control which routes Angular decides to Prerender?

I’m trying to prerender my angular app using, ng run [myAppName]:prerender. I only want to prerender the content of / as the other routes don’t need to be prerendered. Although it finds a way to prerender other routes that are not included in my angular.json config. Angular.json "prerender": { "builder": "@nguniversal/builders:prerender", "options": { "browserTarget": "[myApp]:build:production", […]

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