How to delete image/media files from server when I delete it by backspace,delete button or ctrl+A delete from TinymceEditor

I am using TinyMCE editor, ‘file_picker_callback’ is used for uploading image/media files from the local folder. When I select an Image/Media from a local folder then first it’s saved in server and return its path replaced. In the end, I’ll save all the content to the database as a string message. Now I want to […]

By jishnu
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Quill Editor with math formula adding feature in Angular

I have Implemented a quill editor in angular. It can style the text message, Add images and video links, etc which works well now As per requirement I may want to add mathematical formulas like this along with the above features. Can anyone please suggest to me an editor for performing this action in angular […]

By jishnu
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