Proper approach for Async Pipe

I’m building an Angular app and trying to use the async pipe whenever possible to handle Observable suscriptions. I’m still to exactly sure of when and why I should use it, most of the time I’ve seen that if I don’t need to make any changes to the coming data I can just use it […]

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How to call function before MatTabChange event?

I have a mat-tab-group where each tab has a component with its own state, I’m handling the status of the component with a hasChanges property which tells me if the component has any changes pending to be saved. I’m trying to show the user a dialog or alert if they decide to move to another […]

Cannot find module ‘schema’ or its corresponding type declaration

I’m trying to create an Angular 8 project, but I always end up having an error when I try to compile the resulting app due to a wrong path in my node_modules folder; specifically in the file located at @angular/cli/commands/add-impl.d.ts, which contains this: import { Arguments } from ‘../models/interface’; import { SchematicCommand } from ‘../models/schematic-command’; […]

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Which is an appropriate way to use the same expression to evaluate multiple directives?

I’m currently building a table which has a particular column where I need to proccess de data a bit to get the actual value I want to display; the value in the row’s object is an ID number, so I then have to look for that ID inside an array of objects I have in […]

Is there a way to prevent minute input in a Time Input?

I’m currently building a tool to schedule tasks to run automatically in an Angular app, so I need the user to enter an hour for the task to execute, installing a package to just manage this input seems a bit too much, so I was wondering if there’s a way to limit what the user […]

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How to build a dynamic form in a mat-table’s expandable row?

I’m trying to build a table that allows me to perform multiple tasks on it; among those, I’m trying to implement the ability to edit the information of the record right there. My idea is to create the mat-table as usual, with an additional expandable row to display a small form with the fields I […]

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Can I sort by selected rows using a MatTable?

I have a MatTable which implements selection as indicated by Angular Material’s documentation Everything works fine, selection is made, etc; but I was thinking if its possible to apply some kind of sorting so I can sort the DataSource so the selected rows are shown first. <table mat-table matSort [dataSource]=”dataSourcePPC” class=”w-100 table-bordered table-hover”> <ng-container matColumnDef=”select”> […]

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How does MatStepper triggers the error state for a step?

I’m implementing a mat-horizontal-stepper in one of my components and I’m trying to get the error state to display on a step if I move from it while the [completed] property is false but this is not happening. I’m not sure if there’s some limitations with working with the completed property or something like that; […]

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