How to fix 401 error when the credentials work on one end but not the other

When I try to log in the angular portion of my app I get a 401 error but the credentials work in the spring portion. No matter what I try I can’t seem to fix it. I was following this tutorial Header Request URL: http://localhost:8080/ Request Method: GET Status Code: 401 Remote Address: [::1]:8080 Referrer […]

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Spring Security and Angular official tutorial angular portion doesn’t compile

I’ve been following the [spring angular security tutorial][1] but the angular fails to compile after this step import { Component } from ‘@angular/core’; import { HttpClient } from ‘@angular/common/http’; @Component({ selector: ‘app-root’, templateUrl: ‘./app.component.html’, styleUrls: [‘./app.component.css’] }) export class AppComponent { title = ‘Demo’; greeting = {}; constructor(private http: HttpClient) { http.get(‘resource’).subscribe(data => this.greeting = […]

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Invisible cards in Angular using rawg api

I am trying to get cards to display on my home page for 20 games. But not a singular card shows up at all. If I remove the data interpolation then a card shows up. I’m trying to get the data from the rawg api. card html <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-3" *ngFor="let game of games"> […]

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