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Author: iamrkcheers

‘Highmaps/Highcharts’ change width, height and positioning on page refresh

I am using ‘highmaps’ in my project on angularjs. The map plots just fine the first time page is rendered (as per the width, height and positioning on the page as I want). But when I route to another page and then back again from the links on the sidebar, the size and positioning are completely different and the alighnment is all messed up. The wanted alignment is The unwanted alignment is Following is my […]

‘$routeProvider’ not displaying the content of ‘templateUrl’ in Angular

I am setting up a project in Angular and am wanting to configure some routing. I am trying to achieve this via ‘ngRoute’. However, the ‘$routeProvider’ is not displaying the content of ‘templateUrl’, though, it loads up the controller just fine. routes.js app.config(function($routeProvider){ $routeProvider .when(“/”,{template:”<div>I am here</div>”,controller:”dashboardController”}) .when(“/userList”,{templateUrl:”/views/userList.html”,controller:”userListController”}) .when(“/createUser”,{templateUrl:”/views/createUser.html”,controller:”createUserController”}) .otherwise({template:”Error 404 : Page not found ! “}); }); app.js var app = angular.module(‘updatedAngularProject’,[‘ngRoute’]); views/dashboard.html <div> <h1 style=”color:white;”>fgsdgsdgsdgsdgsdgsgasdgdggasdfshfghfg</h1> </div> views/createUser.html <h1>Create User</h1> views/userList.html <h1>User List</h1> index.html […]