Primeng dropdown does not sidplay the values

I am facing a strange issue. I want to populate a dropdown from an http request. The array declared as an Agence object is filled with the correct attributes from my backend but it cannot display the values. <p-dropdown [options]="agences" [(ngModel)]="codeAgence" optionLabel="code" [ngModelOptions]=" {standalone: true}"></p-dropdown> I push a first line manually on the array, the […]

Space between numbers automaticaly in an input

I am developing a web application with Angular 8. I would like to put spaces automatically when the user entered the number of its bank account, the spaces should be in index 3, 7 and 24. To be more concrete, when the user entered the first 3 numbers, the 4th number is automatically placed after […]

By Hassan Jroundi
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Save the date in and display it in the good format

I am programming a crud application with a creation date. when I add a new object, the date is saved on the database with a good format : Database Now when the date is displayed on the table, it shows me like this : enter image description here I found a solution to show it […]

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