Paginated table export to excel

I create an angular.js project and create a table on the HTML page. There are 500 data in total, 25 data per page. If I click the exportExcell button, only one sheet is exported to excel. I want all of them exported to excel. How can I do this? <tr ng-repeat="x in copy_items | limitTo:limit"> […]

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Direction url other type users

I am making a web page and there are different types of users.Dealer and worker.Only worker can access index.html page and only dealer can access odeme.html.I did this. index.html=http://localhost:8080 odeme.html=http://localhost:8080/odeme I’m a dealer and on the odeme.html page if i change the url,i can access index.html.I solved this problem with ajax call and location.href.But first […]

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