Error Angular 12 – Angular/express-engine

Hello I’m getting an error when running angular 12 together with @nuniversal/express-engine I need help to solve this problem. I don’t have any information about the erro like you can see bellow Error wsl2 Error: invalid at ɵɵinvalidFactoryDep (/mnt/c/Users/felip/OneDrive/Documentos/site-oportunidade-frontend/dist/empregos-rio/server/main.js:1:190062) at Object.t_Factory [as factory] (ng:///t/ɵfac.js:5:29) at R3Injector.hydrate (/mnt/c/Users/felip/OneDrive/Documentos/site-oportunidade-frontend/dist/empregos-rio/server/main.js:1:264096) at R3Injector.get (/mnt/c/Users/felip/OneDrive/Documentos/site-oportunidade-frontend/dist/empregos-rio/server/main.js:1:261065) at /mnt/c/Users/felip/OneDrive/Documentos/site-oportunidade-frontend/dist/empregos-rio/server/main.js:1:261628 at Set.forEach (<anonymous>) […]

By Felipe Mateus
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