Stay logged with php session & angular

I’m trying to make a login system on angular with a PhP backend. When people login, this is the PhP script called : // here check for good request $account = // found the account thanks to PDO $accountId = $account["id"]; session_start(); $_SESSION["accountId"] = $accountId; setcookie("accountId", $accountId); Then, when I want to get informations according […]

Equivalent of object… from java in angular

In Java, we can do something like : void myFunction(int… ints) { // ints will be int[], that will never be null } // both call method will works : myFunction(); myFunction(0, 1, 5); But, in angular: myFunction(obj?: MyObj[]) { // obj will be an array that can be null // obj will by typed […]

By Elikill58
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Angular Material stop working after moving projects into one main projet

I was using Angular 11 with Angular Material 11. I group multiple angular project into one. All of those projects are working. Now, we are using Angular 9 with Angular Material 9. We only change the structure, but the code is the same (the app.module.ts is also the same). It’s just that package are manage […]

By Elikill58
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