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Author: Dinesh Sundaraneedi

Search on a filtered value in angularjs

how to Search on a filtered value in angularjs I have a scenario in which I need to search on the filtered values. Following is the code var app = angular.module(‘MainModule’, []); app.controller(‘MainCtrl’, function($scope) { $scope.searchText = ”; $scope.items = [ “Try_1”, “Try_2”, “Try_3″ ] }); app.filter(‘remove’, function() { return function(text) { if (text) { return text.replace(‘_’, ‘ ‘); } } }) HTML <body ng-controller=”MainCtrl”> <input type=”text” ng-model=”searchText”> <div data-ng-repeat=”x in items | filter:searchText”> {{x|remove}} […]

Issue with getUnderlyingDataAsync Tableau API in Angular application

I am using getUnderlyingDataAsync tableau API to fetch the records of an activeSheet and exporting them to excel sheet. But when I try to get all records by giving maxRows zero, application is crashing. I am able to fetch 20000 records without any issues. var _options = { maxRows: 0, ignoreAliases: false, ignoreSelection: false, includeAllColumns: true }; activeSheet.getUnderlyingDataAsync(_options).then(function(t) { var data = t.getData(); var columns = t.getColumns(); }); Source: AngularJS